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Signal Boost!Signal Boost!

Signal Boost!: The Boost is Coming from INSIDE the House!

Transmission incoming! Signal Boost! is our weekly love letter to all fandoms, be it books, podcasts, indie games, Etsy shops, soundtracks, websites, or events. Come see what wonderful, crazy stuff is out there and connect with a community of fans who knows what it’s like to like the wonderful, crazy, and unknown.

While we still try to get everything sorted out from the last episode (guys, we told you. No interns were harmed.), the hosts at hand give some spooky suggestions for things you should be checking out this Halloween season. Whether it’s your new favorite horror show, the harrowing interactive novel you never knew you needed, or the dreadful doll you can’t wait to give to your dearest, do we have some Boosts for you.

Check out the hosts’ recommendations this week:

Friday the 13th: The Series

What things would you want to Signal Boost? Let us know in the comments below and tune in every Tuesday to find out what’s hot and potentially unheard of in the land of geekdom.

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