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Signal Boost! Music Playlist – A Gift For You!

Signal Boost! Music Playlist – A Gift For You!

A few end of the year thoughts and explanations from Marisha Ray…

The end of the year always seems to lead to reflection, regardless of those of us who choose to scoff at the nuances of the Gregorian calendar or the over-marketed Holiday Season. The colder, longer nights seem to pay up on that I.O.U. of time that was borrowed throughout the year, but not without interest. Resolutions are made on January 1st from what we felt was missing from the year previous. And thus, the cycle continues.
I, myself, have always fell victim to this trap. A fellow Gregorian-rebel myself, “I can choose my own New Year!” Yet, I still find myself saying things like, “Next year I want to focus on…” or “After the New Year, I…” Let’s pull a “Thoreau,” and try and break a routine for a second.

Everyone is guilty of expectation. We, as humans, are natural born planners and problem solvers, always careening into the walls of the future screaming, “I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch!” Naturally, disappointment is inevitable when maybe our lives aren’t our past-futures we imagined… Yeah, you’re following me, right? But, life isn’t a well scripted semi-episodic. If anything, it’s a poorly written semi-episodic that is constantly receiving budget cuts and impractical studio notes, forcing you into an endless sea of rewrites in order to simply survive. Ironically, this very aptly describes the early life of Signal Boost!.

For the three-man team of SB!, this wasn’t necessarily the show we chose. Pitches of scripted comedies, or geek-culture-based sketch shows were repeatedly shot down in favor of a “talking head, curation show.” Being bound by the parameters given by our client, we knew we had to find a happy middle ground of fulfilling our contractual duties as producers, and not going insane from an utterly useless and unoriginal show concept. And thus, Signal Boost! was born.

It has to be a curation show? “Fine!” We’ll have rotating hosts (so no one person gets burnt out) share the things they love that you’ve probably never heard of, because none of us wanted to become pseudo-Billy Mays. It has to be done in this overplayed Talk Soup-eque format? “Fine!” We’ll make fun of it every step of the way! The trials and tribulations of having to deal with a limiting format and an indecisive client led to the voice of show. Signal Boost! quickly became our little piece of sarcastic commentary on the web media world that all three of us have been steeped in for so long.

In an early production meeting, show writer Eric Campbell shared an interview from the great John Cleese (all of us being huge fans, of course). When asked about how sketches for Monty Python were created he said, “We just did what we thought was funny. If something made us all laugh, it went in the sketch.” That was it! This became our unofficial principle as a creative team. Embracing the show’s spirit, if we followed what we loved, we would always create a product that we would enjoy at the end of it all. That way, if no one else liked it… well, at least we would, and we won’t be miserable in the process of making it.

To bring this all back around to my point for those desperately scrolling looking for a TL;DR summation: At the top of this year, I had no idea how many important lessons this silly web show would teach me.

Signal Boost! became the ultimate lesson in seeing where the river would take you, but not being so submissive that you don’t use the damn rudder that you paid an extra $40 bucks for when you decided renting a boat in the Everglades would be a good vacation idea. I am so grateful for the team this project has brought me, and for every “booster” who went along with every stupid drone joke we thought was hilarious thanks to exhaustion. I’m thrilled to see what avenues this show has opened, and curious to look back ten years from now and say, “Man, I had no idea my time on Signal Boost! would lead to….”     Marisha Ray (Signal Boost! Producer)

Over the past year, Signal Boost! hosts have shared some incredible things. The collection of amazing musical artists extends to the top of the list. Enjoy some of our favorites, and Happy Holidays from everyone on the SB! team!

Pogo: Boosted by Marisha in Episode 3

“Personally, I am quite partial to his Alice and Wonderland album, simply titled Wonderland. Overall he has a very fun, whimsical feel that just immediately puts you in a good mood no matter which Dragon shat in your Wheaties!”

Bear Lincoln: Boosted by America in Episode 16

“If you like bands like OK GO but want a more folksy, hip, rock beat? This is a band you should check out. You won’t even realize you’re smiling until the song ends. It’s pure playfulness!”

The Decemberists: Boosted by Matt Key in Episode 20

“They play a genre of music that many have referred to as Dictionary rock or Lit Rock. I absolutely love it. The first song of theirs that I heard is called the Mariner’s Revenge Song and it’s basically a fun, dark, sea-shanty that’s equal parts haunting, intriguing, sad and miraculous. It’s a masterpiece of ancient words and poetry.”

Anaïs Mitchell/ Hadestown (album) Boosted in Boosters Boost from Booster @tempuslibris by America in Episode 28

“She is being called the queen of modern folk music and for damn good reason. Her charmingly girlish voice and brilliant poetic style has made her a favorite for people who want to hear something soft and powerful, all at once. Her album, Hadestown, is a folk opera filled with unique sounds and themes.”

Murder By Death: Boosted in Boosters Boost from Booster @Anodesu by Taliesin in Episode 29

“Murder by Death is an American Indie alternative country/rock band. They have a kind of gothic western sound with heartwarming… yet haunting lyrics. They’re song, Lost River, sounds like what would happen if Johnny Cash became the lead singer of The Decemberists.”

Molotov Jukebox: Boosted in Boosters Boost from Booster @uraifenn by Matt Key in Ep. 30

“[Their] lead singer is none other than Natalia Gastiain Tena, who you all might remember from Harry Potter and Game of Thrones! With Latin beats and vibrant cultural sounds, this band is what you listen to when you want to be put in a good mood!”

The Gorey End (Album): Boosted by Taliesin in Episode 10 (NOT FEATURED ON SPOTIFY)

“This is everything you want in a collaborative project. Edward Gorey’s nursery rhymes of murder, despair, and tragedy sung in a violently falsetto voice backed by thick background of haunting violin and cello. It’s 110% gin soaked goth violet candies that are probably poisonous.”

What are some of your favorite bands that could use a little boost? Let us know in the comment section or let us know on Twitter with #BoostersBoost.

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