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Space JanitorsSpace Janitors

Space Janitors: Showdown (Part 1)

JanFans! Get your tickets for the Space Janitors screening in Toronto, January 9th. Go to for details.

DARBY RICHARDS | Brendan Halloran @BrendoHalloran

MIKE CHET | Pat Thornton @patthornton

EDITH KINGPIN | Evany Rosen @evanyrosen

LN6-K (Elle) | Tess Degenstein @TessDegenstein

DENNIS | Scott Yamamura @ScottYamamura

KRAYNE | Phil Burke

GUL DE SAC |Andy Hull @andyhullbone

WALMSLEY | Sarah Hillier @thesarahhillier

MARF | Andy Hull @andyhullbone

STEVE | Kris Siddiqi @Siddiqs

Created By | Davin Lengyel & Geoff Lapaire

Producer | Davin Lengyel @davinlengyel

Producer | Geoff Lapaire @glapaire

Director of Photography | Mike Fly @mikefly

Written By | Evany Rosen. Brendan Halloran, Andy Hull & Geoff Lapaire

Associate Producer | Emma Malm

Associate Producer | Jake Howell

Director | Geoff Lapaire

Film Editor | Mike Fly

Production Designer | Sebastian Harder

Background Casting | Krista Fraser

Costume Designer | Joanna Syrokomla

Assistant Costume Designer | Samantha Rice

Wardrobe Set Supervisor | Billie Blast

Wardrobe Assistant | Kenneth Shelley

Seamstress | Beverly Law

Key Hair and Makeup | Monik Walmsley

1st Hair and Makeup Assistant | Tamara Ciraolo

Hair and Makeup Assistant | Andrea Brown

Hair and Makeup Assistant | Faye Crasto

Hair and Makeup Daily | Kay Zhang

Hair and Makeup Daily | Emily O’Neil-Larsen

Hair and Makeup Daily | Ilona Galsi

Sound Mixer | Stephen Bourne

Boom Operator | Greg Moneta

Sound Assistant | Brent Roach

1st Camera Assistant | Peter Hatch

2nd Camera Assistant | Erika Henry

2nd Camera Assistant | Emma Malm

Camera Consultant | Pat O’Mara

Production Manager | Davin Lengyel

1st Assistant Director | Jason Bourke

2nd Assistant Director | Emma Malm

3rd Assistant Director | Jake Howell

Props Master | Davin Lengyel

Props | Gavin Pounds

Miniatures | Erika Henry, Gavin Pounds & Davin Lengyel

Visual Effects Supervisor | Davin Lengyel

Visual Effects Coordinator | Sebastian Harder

Composite Artist | Davin Lengyel

3D Designer | Davin Lengyel, Sebastian Harder & John Baynton

Planet Designer | Darren Bielecki

Main Titles | Davor Mihalji

Poster Design | Sebastien Ringuette

Gaffer | Jason Bourke

Co-Key Grip | Nick Reid

Co-Key Grip | John Yapp

Best Boy Grip | Cian Foley

Grip | Michael Kostuk

Best Boy Electric | Ben Kelly

Swing | Adam Alexander

Post-Production Coordinator | Davin Lengyel

Composer | David DeDourek

Synchronization | Mike Fly

Sound Designer | David DeDourek

Script Supervisor | Nicole Dorsey

Production Assistant | Erika Henry & Gavin Pounds

Construction | Sebastian Harder & Reid Brennan

Carpenter Assistant | Lucas Miller

Builder | Michael di Giulio

Builder | Yves Dupaya

Builder | Justin Jaboor

Buyer | Marie Kozlova

Transportation Coordinator | Danny Mendlow

Catering | Rancho Relaxo

Filmed at | Commercial Studios

Special Thanks:

Signage by | Guy Wright

Cakes by | Sam at Cakes Cove

Produced in Association with: IPF and OMDC IDM

Episode 7. Coincidence? Yes.

Distributed by Geek & Sundry

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