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#Shelfie Central

#Shelfie Central

Since the hashtag Show Us Your Dice made serious headlines across the Interwebs, we decided to bring in yet another challenge for all of our fans via Twitter. This time, we asked you to show us where you store your board games.

Introducing: the beloved Shelfie.

Everyone’s game shelf pictures were remarkable, and we couldn’t have been more impressed with the submissions. Your collections were downright inspiring, not to mention very organized! It’s clear that you all work extremely hard to preserve your fascinating collections. We’re so happy to see our fans be so comfortable with who they are by sharing a little piece of themselves with us over social media.

As Twitter user @SelenaMaranjian eloquently stated when she submitted her very own shelfie to G&S: “Kardashians have selfies, board gamers have shelfies.” Truer words have never been spoken, my friends. Since we’re gamers and damn proud of it, we need to document our game collections by displaying them on a shelf for the entire world to see. Embrace your inner gaming nerd with open arms. G&S loves each and every one of you for not being afraid to show your true shelves to us.

Once again, thank you guys for sending in your #shelfies! We enjoy coming up with these challenges for you and will continue to share more interactive opportunities, so stay tuned over on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. After all, everyone deserves to make a little spectacle of their geeky selves sometimes, and we love allowing our fans with the chance to flaunt what makes them unique.

Seeking inspiration on how to organize all of the games in your collection? Take a look at the photo gallery to get some ideas.

Keep calm and shelfie on!

Featured Image Credit: @GamesofBerkeley


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