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Sexy Star Wars Fashion (For the Bedroom)

Sexy Star Wars Fashion (For the Bedroom)

While it’s a classic, the slave Leia costume is  a bit 1970s. In a world now ruled by geeks, we’re bringing Star Wars sexy back in new, interesting, and cool ways. Check out these fab finds!


Nothing quite says sexy like showing off gorgeous curves. Thanks to Star Wars themed-everything, including fabric, we can now get ready-made and custom-made corsets in a Star Wars theme.

Here’s a few of our favourite drool-worthy corsets:


The classic black and white sweetheart corset emphasizes curves in the best ways. The underbust corset is made from vintage drapes, so the colour and the silhouettes are totally whimsical and the closed front overbust corset is value priced (only $40!), which is perfect for any type of special occasion.


ShhhCoutureLatex has piles and piles of geeky-inspired latex costumes. In the Star Wars theme, there’s an R3 dress, an R2D2 bodysuit, and this 2 piece Stormtrooper outfit among numerous others.

Latex Costumes (1)


Shopping Etsy, there are a ton of choices, including pasties, garter belts, and custom-made bras.


It’s not lacy, but the ruffle detailing on the straps of the white & blue Star Wars bra adds a lovely detailed flair. We also love the little garters because you can wear them as a little sexy secret for yourself and your significant other. The bralette and the panties have a matching theme, and the bralette is underwire-free, which definitely equals comfort. Fandom + sexy + comfort = all the win.


They’re made for looking awesome in, maybe not necessarily for walking. The best thing about a fantastic pair of geeky heels, particularly for the purposes of a romantic evening, is that they can complete an outfit or be one. If you dig the comic book-styled heels, these might be the pumps you’re looking for. The peep-toe monochrome heels are fantastic if you’re concerned about clashing (or if you took the time to paint your toenails with some Star Wars patterns) and the glittery blue pumps would kill with any R2D2 outfit you’d put together.



What do you think of our sexy Star Wars picks? Are you with us about the Slave Leia? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image: DRW Images/Shhh Couture  (Fair Use)

Image Credits: DarkKnitsEtsyjupitermoon3IntentionallyOddShhhCoutureLatex, J. Isobel de LieseSiegdaShoebeedooBoutique, SHUmazemeganelizabeth31GeekyGartersthegeekgarden


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