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Seven Modern ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes You’ll Watch Over and Over Again

Seven Modern ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes You’ll Watch Over and Over Again

This month, Doctor Who will kick off the 10th season of the show’s modern era.  Since its relaunch in 2005, Doctor Who has amassed fans around the world with nearly seven DAYS worth of time and space adventures. Some episodes have been panned by Whovians, but others have become fan favorites for many reasons – compelling concepts, solid storylines, vicious villains, fantastic fun, or all of the above. Fans watch these stories repeatedly and still experience the same level of excitement, tension, joy, curiosity, and/or sadness each time. While opinions vary in the Doctor Who fandom, these episodes are ones we love to rewatch.


TELEVISION PROGRAMME: DOCTOR WHO. Pic shows:- Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper

“Rose” was the first episode in Doctor Who‘s modern era and therefore the first time a new generation of Whovians watched the show. At the time of its release, showrunner Russell T Davies and the production crew knew a lot was riding on their debut. The new companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and the Ninth Doctor’s (Christopher Eccleston) first adventure had to capture the hearts of new viewers yet stay true the core of the series Classic Who fans wouldn’t feel alienated. “Rose” succeeded at this task with a fun, lighthearted story about the Nestene Consciousness taking over Earth via living plastic shop mannequins. So it’s no surprise that fans re-watch this episode when they want to take a trip down memory lane to see how far the show has progressed in 12 years.

Heaven Sent

Twelfth Doctor Heaven Sent BBC

“Heaven Sent” became a Doctor Who classic with a gripping performance by Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. In this episode, he was still reeling from the death of Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) while stuck in a shifting castle where he is being stalked by a cloaked creature called the Veil. The Gallifreyan hero was forced to reveal his innermost thoughts and feelings as he fought a 4.5 BILLION year battle to escape. “Heaven Sent” is a knockout on all fronts–acting, production, and writing –and has the perfect combo of creepiness and drama to make Whovians want to revisit the story.

Husbands of River Song

Husbands of River Song BBC

“Husbands of River Song” put an interesting spin on The Doctor’s relationship with his controversial wife. It was River Song’s (Alex Kingston) first encounter the Twelfth Doctor and for once he was one step ahead of the archeologist. He recognized her long before she discovered who he was, which gave him (and the audience) a peek into River Song’s outside of The Doctor. Capaldi and Kingston’s chemistry was undeniable as viewers watched him become frustrated (and jealous) over River’s love life and saw her response to discovering his latest face. “Husbands of River Song” wrapped up a few loose ends from River’s first appearance by revealing where she got her sonic screwdriver and served as one big ode to the River/Doctor relationship with references to catchphrases, previous adventures, and side marriages. If a Whovian wants to feel moderate levels of feels but still have a lot of Christmasy fun, “Husbands of River Song” is the way to go.


Blink BBC

This Doctor and companion-lite episode has topped many lists as the best episode of the modern series. “Blink” was a game changer for Doctor Who in a couple of ways. It was the introduction of the Weeping Angels, the terrifying stone alien race that sneaks up on victims every time they blink and sends them back in the past to die slowly. The story allowed an ordinary woman named Sally Sparrow to be a heroine as she helped The Doctor retrieve his TARDIS through a series of DVD Easter eggs. A host of complex one-off characters and memorable catchphrases (“Don’t Blink”) with a well-paced, suspenseful plot makes “Blink” an episode worthy of multiple views.

Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour Doctor Who BBC

“The Eleventh Hour” was another pivotal moment in the modern series. The fifth season opener started with a complete clean slate–new showrunner, new Doctor, new opening sequence, new TARDIS interior, AND a new companion. Matt Smith’s erratic and intense Eleventh Doctor answers the prayers of young Amelia Pond as the magical man in the blue box lands in her yard and changes her life. The Doctor’s “be back in five minutes” promise turns into a 12 year wait for Amelia – who now goes by Amy- but it doesn’t take them long to pick up where they left off as they race to save the world in 20 minutes. “The Eleventh Hour” is a story about what happens when strange, impossible dreams come true and a great episode to cure Doctor Who cravings.

School Reunion

Rose Ten Sarah Jane Smith BBC

All hail Sarah Jane Smith! The ever-popular Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Mickey Smith teamed up with one of the greatest companions of all-time to stop the shape-shifting Krillitanes from using children to solve the Skasis Paradigm (aka the key to ruling the universe). By this point in the modern series, most newer Whovians had been schooled about the incredible journalist from their fandom elders, so her appearance in “School Reunion” was a thrilling event for all. The reintroduction of Sarah Jane to The Doctor as she finds the TARDIS and turns to him greeting her with “Hello Sarah Jane” is an iconic moment which never gets old. And, it’s fun to watch David Tennant be a mega fanboy alongside the late actress Elisabeth Sladen and K9.

The Day of the Doctor

The Day of the Doctor BBC

Described by producer Marcus Wilson as a “love letter to the fans,” Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is loaded with nods to the series history including Zygons, Gallifrey, “reversing the polarity,” an archive of artifacts collected by UNIT, Osgood (The Doctor’s biggest fan in the Whoniverse), and much more. The Tenth, Eleventh, and War Doctor work together to make a challenging choice for Gallifrey while balancing introspective moments and impeccable comedic timing. “The Day of the Doctor” is an enjoyable, epic story with lots of action and something new to be discovered every time a fan re-watches the episode.

What would you add to this list of re-watchable modern Doctor Who episodes? Comment below!


Image Credits: BBC

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