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Set The Mood to Play ‘Train Heist’ With These Western Movies And Shows

Game the Game is Geek & Sundry’s tabletop board game show that airs every Wednesday starting at 4PM PT on Twitch and Alpha. Join host Becca Scott as she breaks out some of the best board games the industry has to offer, with new guests each week!

Whether you’re throwing a Wild West themed party or just want something playing in the background while you indulge in a board game, movies go a long way to adding to the ambiance. This week they are playing Train Heist on Game the Game. This western-themed cooperative game has players take the role of a gang of bandits, looking to relieve the corrupt sheriff of some loot while he’s aboard a luxurious train. Required watching to get ready (apart from the westerns below) is, of course, Becca’s How To Play Train Heist video. She explains how to play faster than you can say, “Draw!” at high noon.


If you’re looking to set the stage and get into the mindset of a cowboy in the Wild West, here are a few movies to check out!

A Huge Chunk of John Wayne’s Career


Let’s just face it, John Wayne helped define the genre of westerns. From McLintock to True Grit and everything in between, he screams rugged cowboy. If you want to watch something that isn’t one of his big titles, try his first leading role in The Big Trail. No matter which of his westerns you pick, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.  (If you can’t tell from the above image, I’m a huge fan of his, as well as my the next recommendation.)


Western in space, need I say more? There is an episode called Train Job, even though the heist is done by spaceship and not horses. Some episodes are more rustic than others so don’t write it completely off as an option. There are plenty of horses, gunfights, and colorful characters to keep most people interested.

Back to the Future III

The western movie in the Back to the Future trilogy. While there is a bit of technology and time travel involved, most of the movie takes place in 1855. Doc Brown and Marty steal a train to push the DeLorean up to 88 miles an hour to escape the past. Along the way, there’s a showdown on the streets and a love story for the Doc.

The Wild Bunch

A gang of aging outlaws trying to retire on their final score: the railroad’s silver. They are ambushed by a posse and forced to flee. They cross the Rio Grande to hide out in one of their hometowns. Too bad they anger the law in the town and have to pull a job for him. Stealing weapons from a U.S. Army train should be a breeze, right?

3:10 to Yuma

Original or remake? Both versions are good, so the choice is up to you. For an impoverished rancher, taking on the dangerous job of bringing a criminal to justice is the only way to provide for his family. Will he deliver his prisoner on time or will the gang intercept them? After you’re done with the movie, you can go back and read the short story by Elmore Leonard that inspired both versions.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

After regaining control of his gang, Butch Cassidy leads them to rob the Overland Flyer on both its eastward and westward runs. The first goes off without a hitch, but the second is interrupted by a second train carrying a posse out to get the gang. They run for the hills and manage to elude the posse by jumping off of a cliff. Will they be scared into going straight or land straight into the hangman’s noose?

Don’t forget to tune it at on Wednesday, October 18 starting at 4 PM PT on Twitch and Alpha to catch Becca and friends play a game of Train Heist on Game The Game!

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