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We’re Speculating Like Crazy About SUPERNATURAL’s 11th Season

We’re Speculating Like Crazy About SUPERNATURAL’s 11th Season

Can you guys believe we’re actually about to kick off the eleventh season of Supernatural? It’s been over a decade now, and the show is still going strong. While last season brought us a lot of crazy twists, turns, and tragedies, the season ended on a crazy note that has made this hellatus (see what we did there?) the worst since…well, since last summer, probably.

So naturally we decided now was the perfect time to get our speculation on as to what might happen in the forthcoming eleventh season.

Heads up: turn back now if you aren’t caught up on Supernatural! Spoilers ahead! 

sam and dean

We were left with some pretty giant questions when Supernatural shut down season 10. The last moments of the show had Dean nearly killing Sam, killing Death instead, losing the Mark, releasing something called “the darkness,” and Rowena putting a particularly nasty spell on Castiel. It was a lot.

Wait…is Death really dead? How is that a thing that can happen? What does that mean for humans if Death is dead?


I know, this one’s weird. While a character dying doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gone forever (see: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Gabriel, and Kevin), I felt a strong sense of finality when Death was turned to ashes. I mean, that’s a tough one to bounce back from. I’m inclined to think Death is dead, and his lack of presence will be part of what makes fighting “the Darkness” such a tough one. As for what it means for humans, if there isn’t Death, I highly doubt there are Reapers in commission either. Just like when the gates of heaven were closed, I’m betting those who die after Death’s death will be stuck on earth in limbo. However, I don’t know what will happen to those who died before Death. Maybe Death dying will mean some of our favorite characters who passed away previously will come back…Maybe? (#BringBackKevin #BringBackGabriel #BringBackCharlie)

Is Dean okay now?


I don’t know, man. I mean, is Dean ever really okay? As far as the Mark goes, I think it’s gone for good, which is nice. In interviews Jensen Ackles has expressed his desire to be done with the dark and twisty, super guilty version of Dean that he’s been playing. I think that we’re going to say goodbye to the Dean we dealt with last season—the angry, violent, loose-cannon that hurt/tried to kill everything in sight, including Charlie and Sam. However, I think Dean will have some more processing to do in light of Charlie’s death and that super awkward moment in the finale when he asked Sammy to close his eyes so Dean could lop his head off with Death’s scythe. So is Dean okay? Like I said, I don’t know. But, my guess is Dean’s at least better.

Is Castiel going to die?


No. Next question.

What is the Darkness? Is Rowena on Team Darkness? Most of all: why is this the first we’ve heard of it?


Supernatural fans have experienced hell, the Pit, Purgatory, they’ve seen angels fall, they’ve seen the gates of hell opened to unleash hordes of demons on earth, and they’ve seen the literal apocalypse. So why, after all of that, have we never heard of the Darkness, and how can it be so much worse than the complete hot mess that we’ve been experiencing for the past decade? The only thing I can think is that Rowena hasn’t been in the picture until now. Sure, Cain having the Mark was keeping the Darkness away, but I think Rowena was well aware of the consequences of removing the Mark from Dean. While I’m not sure how just yet, I think Rowena is definitely on Team Darkness, at least for now. As with any situation where one unleashes a powerful, ancient dark force, I’m willing to bet it won’t be long before Rowena realizes she’s bitten off WAY more than she can chew. That, or she becomes the most powerful evil witch ever. So, you know, it’s a toss up.

What are some of your predictions/speculations/guesses/dreams for season 11 of Supernatural? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to watch Supernatural on the CW when it returns on October 7!

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