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SDCC 2016: Party Like You Rolled a 20

SDCC 2016: Party Like You Rolled a 20

The time is upon us. The glittering disco ball of nerd-dom that is San Diego Comic Con calls out, reminding us that none too soon, the ultimate geek party scene shall envelop us in a drunken embrace.
We must rally, fellow geeks! For we have but four-ish days to create the epic party memories that we shall speak of with fondness in our D&D circles of the future. The Parties Are Coming, and for them, we must plan!

Channel your inner Party Tiger, and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. YOU CAN DO IT. (Yes, this is me, your faithful author, from like, every SDCC ever)

Below is a list of our picks (there are so, so many more than this!) for evening festivities at San Diego Comic Con. Not only will they be fun, they will be actually obtainable to enter for the average mortal. So, assemble your team, and coordinate your nights ahead of time, because it’s going to be a roller coaster of a convention!
*Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with any of these events, so choose with care and google appropriately! Also, please hydrate.
Is your body ready? Preview Night is traditionally the day where we try to take it easy, meet up with friends in lobby bars, and prepare mentally for the madness that is to come. Pace yourselves, heroes!
  • Nerdioke – Nerdy Karaoke: 8PM – Close at McFadden’s
    • What exactly is “nerdy karaoke?” Hopefully, just people humming the X-Men cartoon theme song over and over into a mic. At any rate, McFadden’s sounds like a good, chill time to connect with your friends and ready yourself for the week, with cheap drink specials all night.
  • Burger King + MTV Fandom Awards Pre Party: 8PM -11PM at Fluxx Nightclub
    • Okay, so maybe you don’t want to take it chill. Party hard with this insane free party, boasting performances by Tyga and DJ Michelle Pesce. This event will fill up in a flash, though, so line up early! No Cover. 21+
  • Comiccon Kickoff Fundraiser: 9PM – 1AM at BASIC Bar
    • Prizes, pizza, comic artists, booze, and a good geeky time, all benefiting the Hero Initiative Charity! No Cover. 21+
IT. IS. LIT. Thursday night, we are all at full HP and MP, ready to battle the party police for a chance to feel like a true level 99 party tiger. Make sure you eat a big meal before this, for the night is long, and full of debauchery.
  • Rave of Thrones: 9PM at the Omnia Nightclub
    • HOLD THE DOOR. Kristian Nairn, also known as Hodor from Game of Thrones, brings his iconic Rave of Thrones music and dance party to SDCC. Tickets $20+
  • BOOM! Comics Drink Up: 9PM – CLOSE at San Diego Hilton Bay Front Odysea Bar
    • Hang out with the BOOM! Comics crew, fans, and friends at their annual Drink Up event! No Cover.
  • Fleet Night of Science: 6:30–9:30 p.m. at the Fleet Science Center
    • The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center hosts an adults-only after-hours event with booze, snacks, music, and SCIENCE! Their current exhibits explore the science behind some of our favorite comics, TV shows, and movies with members of the local science community. There’s also a costume contest, trivia games with prizes, and meet and greet with artists and writers from IDW Publishing. Tickets $25. 21+
  • Weird Al Yankovic, Mandatory World Tour: 7:30PM at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theater at SDSU
    • Ok, so not TECHNICALLY a “party,” but you KNOW you will have a rockin’ good time with Sir Weird Al. Tickets are going fast and range from $15 -$50!
Hey there, buddies! You still alive? After an impressive round of Thursday shenanigans, you must welcome in Friday, the night of a thousand dreams… and by “dreams,” we mean… beer.
Hang on to your butts! By Saturday, you will feel like someone smashed your ankles and replaced them with chalk, threw tacks in your shoes, and set your calves on fire. But you know what? YOU WILL PERSEVERE, because ’tis the LAST NIGHT to party like a nerd rock star! BE STRONG!
  • Geek and Sundry’s Super Secret PARTYPARTYPARTY:
    • Like the title says… it’s a secret! We will soon be announcing something super fun for our fans so you can party with us like the true shiny Pokemon you really are! Stay tuned to our social media, and keep your schedule clear!

Okay, but if, like, you MUST TRY OTHER THINGS…. then there’s:

  • 12th Annual Heroes vs Villains Party: 10PM -2AM at Rich’s San Diego
    • With two rooms of different DJs, performance by the geek drag queen group Sinful Dames, free body painting, and a cosplay contest, this sounds like a wild way to wrap up your SDCC! No Cover.
Seriously? Go home. Get out. Shoo. SLEEP FOREVERRRR!
Have any other cool events you want your fellow SDCC geeks to know about? Let us know in the comments!
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