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Say Hello to the Goldstein Sisters from ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’

Say Hello to the Goldstein Sisters from ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’

After spending the summer pining over Hamilton‘s Schuyler sisters (can you blame us?), fandoms are transitioning their attention to up-and-coming projects, and that includes our slow inch towards one of the year’s biggest films, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The story may not offer us a trio of singing sisters, but the Goldstein siblings highlighted in Fantastic Beasts are so much more than more than meets the eye.  Two pieces of the quartet of characters spotlighted in the new movie, there’s no doubt that these two aid Newt in gathering up his magical creatures and saving the city, possibly saving the world as well.

Porpentina Goldstein


Porpentina, known to her friends as Tina, is the older, wiser sister. She’s employed at the Magical Congress of the United States of America, and is a soulful, courageous, and strong young witch.

Though an employee of MACUSA, we’re led to believe that she hopes to one day make more of a difference in the wizarding world outside the walls of her work. As Pottermore tells us, she’s been demoted below her abilities and ambitions as punishment for standing up for the wrong person in the eyes of the government.

From information provided in behind-the-scenes featurettes, fans have also deduced that Tina may have helped raise her younger sister Queenie, thus creating a sort of sisterly bond that can only develop through true trust and loyalty.

Queenie Goldstein


Queenie is the vivacious younger sister with a lust for life and the uncanny ability to extract feeling and memories from someone’s mind, a skill known as legilimens. She lovingly refers to Tina as “Teeny,” and though their personalities seem to differ, there’s an obvious devotion to her older sister.

Played by actress and singer Alison Sudol, there’s a possibility that we may see Queenie belt out a tune or two herself, maybe as introduction or distraction to aid Newt in his quest.

The sisters live together in 1920’s New York City, in a humble apartment decorated to portray both of their personalities. Between Tina’s book covered bed and Queenie’s lines of magazines and lingerie, there’s definite differences in their every day life, which makes this duo all the more interesting.


What exactly the future holds for these new characters is slightly unclear, besides the long-known fact that (spoiler alert!) Porpentina and Newt get married and start a family, and the curiosity of the unknown is what makes Fantastic Beasts such an exciting event for the Potter fandom. A new story with all new characters and events is what’s been asked of J.K. Rowling for years, and so far with the Goldstein sisters it looks like we’re off to a magical start. Work!

Who is your favorite new character in Rowling’s wizarding world? Let’s talk Fantastic Beasts and the Goldstein sisters in the comments below, or find me on Twitter @bekahbabble!

Featured Image Credit: Pottermore

Image Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures


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