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Save the Universe or Watch It Burn in our New RPG Show – VAST

Save the Universe or Watch It Burn in our New RPG Show – VAST

A confederation of planets under the unifying force of the PAC-HA Peacekeep. The mysterious alliance of zealots known as the Brightest Eye, bent on revenge. An unstoppable force known as The Slate, threatening to consume all. This is the universe of VAST.

VAST is a live streamed Role Playing Game show hosted and created by acclaimed writer Jackson Lanzing. In this wholly original IP and game engine, Jackson guides two separate crews of players through the VAST universe. Each week, the show alternates casts, viewing the same story and events through the eyes of two very different societies: the PAC-HA and the Brightest Eye. Each will engage in their own challenges and adventures, and they may even encounter each other!

VAST will feature puzzles and riddles that will be too much for our players to solve on their own. In select sessions, a call to action may be sent to the audience to aid the crews in solving these complex cyphers. The first viewer to do so will have the opportunity to jump INTO the show, assuming the role of a science officer or data analyst. This is a new frontier for community based role playing!

You can watch VAST every Monday at 7PM only on ALPHA starting November 7th. If you don’t already have ALPHA, sign-up today to start over at Project ALPHA right now to catch up on past episodes after they air or watch the show live. You can also catch the first the first four episodes on YouTube after their first airing if you happen to miss them. Think of it as schedule training wheels for the first month. Mondays just got a little more epic thanks to VAST.


Jackson Lanzing is a New York Times Bestselling comics creator and screenwriter primarily known for his collaborations with Collin Kelly, including JOYRIDE, BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL, and Alyssa Milano’s HACKTIVIST. He also runs a large-scale Star Trek RPG in Los Angeles with over 30 players, which was the inspiration for the universe and dynamics of VAST. As a long time friend of Geek & Sundry, Jackson wrote for Wil Wheaton’s TITANSGRAVE: THE ASHES OF VALKANA and has been a guest on Twitch. He hails from Belmont, MA and works as the creative director for Jump! Creative, a boutique marketing agency in Los Angeles.

Crew of the PAC-HA


AMY DALLEN – Captain Lucy Bard

Amy Dallen is an actor, host, writer and professional nerd. At Geek & Sundry, she’s been talking comics, singing songs, and playing games since TABLETOP Season 1, and currently hosts “Game Together” and “Mines N Crafts.” She also plays Curie in the original scifi sitcom “Future Girl,” and was once called on to explain the Marvel Universe to Chelsea Handler. In elementary school, she discovered a game called Dungeons & Dragons, and the RPG love affair hasn’t stopped since.

Captain Lucy Bard fought and studied her way first to the Terran Republic, then to the PAC-HA Academy, and finally to the stars. She is devoted to the mission of the PAC-HA Peacekeep, proud to steer a new course for her species, and determined to see and to safeguard as much of the universe as she can, with the ashes of Earth ever on her mind.

COLLIN KELLY – “This Might be a Good Idea”

Collin Kelly is the writer (alongside game-master Jackson Lanzing) of many things, including the comics JOYRIDE, HACKTIVIST, GRAYSON and BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL, with more exciting projects on the horizon; the two also write for film and TV, the specifics of which for now must remain shrouded in mystery.

He plays “This Might be a Good Idea,” an inexplicable Tongue Special Envoy who loves weirdness, long walks on strange alien worlds, and keeping secrets.


Kate Leth is a writer and cartoonist best known for writing HELLCAT, ADVENTURE TIME, VAMPIRELLA and SPELL ON WHEELS, as well as her personal work, Kate or Die! She plays Sira the Unbidden, a Flame tactical officer for the PAC-HA peacekeeping mission.

Sira is the first of her kind in many ways. While her people are primarily workers, warriors and builders; she is fascinated by the unknown and yearns for new experiences. Sira’s gargantuan build and skill with all manner of weapons and ships make her an invaluable asset to a mostly cerebral and social crew. In other words, she’s a bruiser with her eyes pointed skyward, ready to take on the galaxy.

JEFF TORRES – Reyk Yikjaal Muur

Jeff Torres is an actor who has studied acting at UC Riverside, Mexico City, and various studios in Los Angeles. He’s been on numerous TV shows, commercials, and independent films.

Reyk means “great distance” and he’s one to mean that with every action he takes. Whether it’s to be the best pilot for hire in the Cyryn systems or do anything for his twin sister, this fast talking rogue will go the distance for that next dollar or his family, no matter where they may be. He can get you where you’re going if you’ve got what he needs.

Gina DeVivo – Louvin Yikjaal Muur

Gina DeVivo is an actor, crafter, and all around wizard. She’s appeared on such shows as “Bones,” “Scrubs,” and “Madmen” to name a few. Currently, she’s a co-Host on Geek & Sundry’s “Mines N Crafts” with fellow Vast member, Amy Dallen. Lover of all things scifi and fantasy. Her weapon of choice is a glue gun and minty things make her sneeze.

She plays Louvin Yikjaal Muur, twin sister of Rayk, and first officer extraordinaire aboard a PAC-HA peacekeeping vessel. Despite growing up in a culture that values beauty above all else, Louvin rebelled by reading any book she could get her many hands on. She is fiercely loyal, so don’t be fooled by the beauty her species is known for, if you cross her, or someone she loves, be prepared for claws.

Crew of the Brightest Eye

crew1_alpha-photos-6925_croppedNOT PICTURED: Ray Utarnachitt

MAX ISAACSON – Visionary Destroyer

Max Isaacson takes pleasure in oddness beyond reason. He has done work for FUNNY OR DIE, HBO, Nickelodeon, REESE’S, CONAIR, and so many others. He’s also the premiere director of Nerdcore music videos for artists such as MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and Mega Ran. His last short film, which was about rat mutilation, premiered at Fantastic Fest and has played festivals around the world.

Visionary Destroyer is violent to a fault, and unforgiving in every manner, but his loyalty to his crew and to The Eye is unmatched. When he says he will die for them, he means it, and he will prove that fact again and again, but he expects the same from everyone who follows him. He earned his name on the day he destroyed his own ship with countless crew members aboard, just to claim victory in battle.


Ray Utarnachitt is a TV Writer who has written for PERSON OF INTEREST and THE TOMORROW PEOPLE.  He is currently a writer on DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. After almost graduating with a Biology degree, he switched tracks and graduated with a Film degree from the University of Michigan, much to his parents’ dismay. He drinks a lot of tea and has an obsessive love of donuts.

Ray plays Nydar, the Mind First Officer of a Brightest Eye war machine. The Mind are an ancient species of jellyfish-like creatures found on one of the Core Cluster Systems of the Eye. Nydar is here for many reasons. Not the least of which is the hope to return again to its home planet with the tools and weapons to ensure the Mind will never be subjugated again.

JONATHAN CALLAN – Hansharald Neuroon

Jonathan Callan is a writer for television, animation, and video games. He’s written for series such as BEN 10: OMNIVERSE and ITV and Amazon Studios’ THUNDEBIRDS ARE GO. He currently serves as a writer on the Warner Bros. Animation series JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION and as a writer and narrative producer for virtual reality games company Survios, including their successful first-person-shooter franchise RAW DATA.

Mentally acute but socially stunted, Neuroon left his home ship soon after the death of his parents to The Slate. His lack of a rigid moral frame work makes him ideal for service aboard a Brightest Eye ship, but Hans is not without his own compass and moral perspective. He just happens to believe that what’s best for science is best for people.


Jody Houser is a comic book writer who has worked on titles including Mother Panic for DC, Faith for Valiant, and Orphan Black for IDW.

She plays the Brightest Eye tactician, a Limb named Tkaah. Forcibly recruited from her occupied home planet due to her combat proficiency, Tkaah hates space and is determined to do whatever it takes to survive long enough to get home.

Dylan DoVale – Noble Defender

Multi-talented actor, singer, dancer and graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts; Dylan has performed in various professional productions throughout the city of Los Angeles and been fortunate enough to work with some of the best in his profession. Last seen in a musical at South Coast Rep, he is currently making the transition to TV and Film while writing and starring in a television project looking to get off the ground early next year.

Dylan plays Noble Defender, an uncanny pilot for the Brightest Eye Ship. Noble is human; the only one in the entirety of the Brightest Eye Galaxy. He is curious, loyal, and quick to defend the weak. He has been viewed as an outcast by many and picked on his entire life for being different. Always trying to prove himself–Noble is seen as a very useful pet by “ brother” Visionary Destroyer, and a useful son to “father.” After being presented with “artifacts” of his race years ago he hopes one day to see more of his kind and meet the King of his people.

What adventures are you most excited about going on with VAST? Let us know in the comment sections below.

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