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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3: I’m Already in “Cousins” with You

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3: I’m Already in “Cousins” with You

Okay, everyone: We know, we know.

Sailor Moon Crystal has, so far, been sort of a crap shoot. We had our feelings toyed with and got overly excited about season one, then had our eyeballs trampled into the ground like so much magical girl glitter at the horror of the terrible quality of the animation itself. The hardcore fans stuck through it and focused intently on the good aspects of the show. A catchy new intro! The original voice actress of Sailor Moon! So much cute merchandise coming out due to the revival!

However, we all knew the soul-crushing truth: they really phoned it in on this series. The animation was terrifyingly bad. The story edits made no sense. The CG transformation sequences looked like sad, emotionless aliens had replaced our beloved Sailor Senshi. And WHY THE HELL did we have to wait every other week for a new episode?


The atrocities were compounding on our little weeaboo souls.

But have hope, kids! Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 is only weeks away, and thank the moon in the sky above that it seems the team behind it is repenting.

After taking stock of the fan reaction, they’ve booted some of the troublemakers for the series and, hopefully, this fixes the deep hole in our moon locket hearts. Chiako Kon has taken over as animation director (Sugar Sugar Rune, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, HappinessCharge PreCure!: Ningyō no Kuni no Ballerina) and character design has been passed on to Akira Takahashi (Inuyasha, Gintama, Dokidoki! Precure). GOOD LUCK, YOU GUYS. Y’all got a lot of problems to fix.

Check out the trailer for season 3, and enjoy the floaty goodness that is the debut of Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Saturn, and the Death Busters!

So far, so good, right? But, there’s more! According to viewers who were able to attend season 3’s first episode screening in Japan, it looks like we can rejoice over these fixes:

  • No more CGI transformations! They’re 2D now! Hallelujah!
  • The season will air weekly instead of biweekly!
  • The consensus is that the animation style has improved over the past 2 seasons.
  • Sparkly new opening and ending music:
    • Opening Song: In Love with the New Moon performed by Etsuko Yakushimaru
    • Ending Song: Eternal Eternity performed by Sailor Uranus’ and Sailor Neptune’s voice actresses. We are super, duper excited for this magic.


Needless to say, we have high hopes for season 3, but let’s just pray that no one “accidentally” makes Neptune and Uranus cousins again. Oh, 1990’s North American-translated Sailor Moon. You were a hoot.

Are you super stoked for Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3? Let us know why or why not in the comments!

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