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Meet the Cast of Our Next Horror RPG – Sagas Of Sundry: Madness
Sagas of SundrySagas of Sundry

Meet the Cast of Our Next Horror RPG – Sagas Of Sundry: Madness

You settle in for a story. A chill runs up your spine. You hold your breath, trembling on the edge of your seat. You’ve come to know and love characters whose choices make or break the suspense that’s building with each passing moment. You’re in the midst of madness with our horror RPG Alpha show, Sagas of Sundry!


If you’re just joining us, Sagas of Sundry tells the story of five friends who explore the unknown, see sinister sights, learn horrid truths, and – if they’re lucky – just might live to tell their tale. But instead of rolling dice, the success (or failure) of player actions is driven by a tower mechanic, where each player is required to make a pull. Last season, Sagas of Sundry: Dread, was full of tense, harrowing moments and heart-wrenching tower collapses.

Dread Gif

This October, our thrilling show returns with a new story that will challenge your perception of reality and make you question everything you think you know. This is Sagas of Sundry: Madness.

The year is 1993, and our players, all tenants in a 1930s landmark, discover a dark secret brewing within their building’s walls… As with our debut season, we have an incredible cast of characters to lead this season’s story. But before the Madness begins, let’s meet our players… if you dare.

Game Master Ivan Van Norman


If you’ve ever watched any of Geek & Sundry’s shows, you’ve likely met Ivan Van Norman, our Game Master for Sagas of Sundry. Not only did he orchestrate our debut season, Dread, he’s also hosted our tabletop board game show Game the Game and several International Tabletop Day streams! He’ll be turning up the suspense as he colorfully narrates our players through this adventure, stopping their hearts (and ours) with three words: “Make a pull.”

Liam O’Brien as Emmett Markham


Along with spending his time as a voice actor and voice director, Liam O’Brien is a familiar face to Critical Role fans, most known as Vax’ildan (though he has from time to time sat in the DM chair as well). He’ll be playing Emmett Markham, an introverted playwright from New York, who chose to live the life of a starving artist, leaving those he cared about behind…

Xander Jeanneret as Fenly Emerson


Xander Jeanneret is an actor, voice-over artist, and podcaster. You’ve likely seen him on King of the Nerds (as both a contestant in season 2 and host of the behind-the-scenes show in season 3), and the board game drinking show he co-hosts called Under The Table.  He’ll be playing Fenly Emerson, a people-loving person who is inclined to like — and trust — everyone he meets. Though that gregarious nature has led him astray in the past…

Marisha Ray as Abigail Persimmon


Geek & Sundry creative director Marisha Ray is the talented voice actor and writer who portrays Keyleth on Critical Role! In Madness, she plays Abigail Persimmon, an aspiring actress in Los Angeles who struggles with her own seething inner rage. Don’t ask her about it, though, or you might end up just like her father…

Jeremy Walker as Jude Marley


Jeremy Walker is American actor best known for his work alongside Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, and Seth Green in The Identical.  His character, Jude Marley, is a true bon-vivant, living on the edge and trying to make the most of his life. Past his bigger-than-life exterior, he hides personal tragedies, including the suffering and loss of loved ones…

Erika Ishii as Selina Tsukiyama


Erika Ishii is a voice actress most familiar to the Geek & Sundry fans as a host of our video game show Game Engineas well as her numerous guest appearances on various shows and streams, like Signal Boostand our International Tabletop Day streams. She’ll be taking on the character of Selina Tsukiyama, a brilliant but bored young woman who copes with mental illness by immersing herself in a new technology: the Internet.

Sagas of Sundry: Madness premieres Thursday, October 26 exclusively on Alpha.

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