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Dread Episode 2 Recap: Creepy Kids Are The Worst

Dread Episode 2 Recap: Creepy Kids Are The Worst

In Ep. 2 of Sagas of Sundry, our brave (or foolish?) heroes find valuable clues, and confront a foe that may be beyond any of them.

When last we left Kayden, Sat, Raina, Tanner, and Darby, they had just acquired a key to an old house. Upon entering, they find a ramshackle, run-down domicile filled with moldy boxes and the stench of rotting meat. The always sensible Tanner looks for and finds a lantern so they won’t be stumbling around in the dark as they explore the place.

G&S SoS SnipWhoever lived their in the past was some sort of a hoarder, as they find newspapers dating back to 1945.

More disturbingly, they begin to find portraits of children. These sepia-toned images show children stock-still, sometimes with siblings, other times with an adult. The first portrait they find is of a sinister hooded woman surrounded by three children. Two of the children passed away in childhood. Only the third, Simon, survived.

And that name Simon rings a bell for our heroes. Wasn’t Simon mentioned earlier in a note?

More portraits are found. One of the photographs is of a woman named Kimberly Rochester, taken with her child, who lived a scant two months before passing on.

Raina then notices the dates on the photographs. The lifespan of the children in the pictures is listed, yes, but so is the date the images were taken.

Each image was taken AFTER the death of the child. What our heroes thought were pictures of children taken before they died, are in fact all postmortem images.

In the pictures, all the kids are dead. Except for the mysterious Simon.

What sort of place have our heroes discovered? Is it the home of a hobbyist? Did parents bring their dead children here to be photographed?

Sat sets out to explore the place, and find out. Sat finds another picture of a dead boy, this one from 1953. The back reads that a “metal brace was used to achieve posture.” She also notices that many of the photographs they find have weird symbols on their backs.

Sat wonders aloud if perhaps the goat thing and the creepy photos may be separate?

Darby insists that they are not.

The living room floor is wet, soaked with liquid ammonia, which Tanner says is used in photograph development.

They also discover a radio. Kayden begins scanning the frequencies. They discover on one channel a cacophony unto the noise of hell. Endless shrieking voices, each striking out in misery, is heard. Kayden turns off the radio, but it won’t turn off, and he’s forced to smash it.

Darby is upset, and says, “They wanted to talk to us.”

Kayden says, “They weren’t talking to us. We were listening to them.”

A door is discovered which has symbols and knobs carved into the wood of its face. The symbols are similar to those on the backs of the photographs. While Sat, Darby, Raina, and Tanner try to open the door, Kayden goes to another door.

This door handle has no dust on it. He tries to open it, and Ivan gives him a choice. He can make a pull from the precariously leaning tower, or he can personally smash through a piece of wood which Ivan will hold. Kayden, whose veins are not filled with blood, but rather piss and vinegar, decides to break the wood.

G&S SoS Snip2He takes a shot of liquid courage from his flask, wraps his hand in cloth, and smashes right through the board, almost knocking Ivan over in the process.

Sat, Tanner, Raina, and Darby enter the dimly lit room. They discover what would likely be a child’s bedroom, were it not for the hatchets, knives, and machetes scattered about the place. Kayden finds a satchel of medical supplies, and there is a locked trunk which Sat has the key to.

She opens it, and discovers inside an old ball, and disturbing art. Sat reads off of one of the pictures, “Mommy says there are no animals in the house…”

Suddenly, of its own volition, the closet door creeps open. She approaches the open door with a hatchet, and discovers inside a pile of animal bones.

Deciding they don’t like this room anymore, our heroes move to the next room down.

Tanner manages to open the door, and finds inside a dark room filled with dusty mason jars filled with… something.

Raina wipes one of the jars clean, to find inside a dead infant, preserved in formaldehyde, both young and dead forever.Tobias. Dead.

Darby says, “This isn’t fun anymore.”

In the room, they also find old photos, including one of Tobias, Simon’s father, his chin oddly propped up to meet the gaze of the camera. Another image of the Mandango family from the 1950s is labelled, “Simon brought them up from the city. I laid them on the bed, to better show them sleeping peacefully.” Tanner notices that every member of the Mandango family suffered serious head trauma.

Sat looks up from the photo to realize it is so, so, quiet.

Suddenly, something clambers on to the porch outside. It roars. Something bursts through the building, seeming to retrace their steps and bellowing, “Mom! Mom!” as it does so.

What is behind the photographs of the dead children? What beastly thing is coming for our heroes? I don’t know, but the only way to find out is to watch Sagas of Sundry on Alpha!

What scares you in-game? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature image courtesy: Geek & Sundry

Other images courtesy Geek & Sundry, Wikimedia (Public Domain)

Ben Riggs speaks five languages and has lived in four countries on three continents, but still manages to lose his keys in the bathroom. A friend to man, animal, and werewolf alike, you can discover more of Ben’s thoughts on game, the universe, and everything on Twitter, or on the Plot Points podcast. He is also the liberal voice on Across the Aisle, a podcast where a liberal and conservative work together to solve the 21st century’s problems.

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