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Sagas of Sundry Celebrity Playlist: Abigail’s Playlist by Marisha Ray
Sagas of SundrySagas of Sundry

Sagas of Sundry Celebrity Playlist: Abigail’s Playlist by Marisha Ray

Sagas of Sundry is our horror-themed RPG show, available exclusively on Alpha. Every Thursday, a new episode of this thriller goes live as Game Master Ivan van Norman puts a talented cast through trials, where every character will walk away significantly changed, if they walk away at all.

This week, we’re lucky enough to get a playlist created by Marisha Ray, who was both an executive producer and played Abigail Persimmon on the show. As she put it, these are the songs Abigail would have put into a personalized mixtape. Keep reading to get some insight into her experience on the show as well as commentary for each of the songs on the playlist.


From Marisha:

For this being Sagas of Sundry: Madness, every minute of working on this show was a joy. That dichotomy seemed to be a prevalent theme throughout this entire project; every chaotic project comes with its own set of unique lessons.

Just like the duality in Abigail, I had my own Jack and Jill dilemma by being an executive producer on the project as well as an actor in the show. As a fan of the H.P. Lovecraft mythos, I had my anal retentions and particularities on wanting to do the homage justice. Yet, after a certain point, I had to take a step back and let Ivan take full control as… Abigail couldn’t know the story, the twists, even most elements of the set in order to achieve full genuine immersion. Hey, look! Here’s that trust thing coming up again. Needless to say, Ivan KILLED it! (No pun intended.) Not only did he deliver an amazing story, he had to deal with my paranoia and tenacious creative concerns, and then have to somehow assuage those concerns in a contextless vacuum.

This is where I selfishly take up word count space and the readers time to say, thank you, Ivan. You reminded me once again to trust in the talented people around me, which is why I chose to surround myself with them in the first place. Abigail, I think, needed a bit more of a refresher on this concept, but at the end, she learned to trust in the fellow sh*t heads she grew to adore. I think it’s something everyone has to deal with, considering the amount of distracting madness in the world constantly trying to convince you otherwise.

Back to you, reader: Hello! I hope you enjoy this peek into Abigail’s head. Every song on here is one that Abigail, too, would have on her radio record mixtape. Light a few candles, pray to Cthulhu, and take a walk down gothy mid-90’s memory lane.

“Mad World” by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews
A bit trite, I know. “Sue me!” is something that I think Abigail would say. When we decided to do Madness playlists, this was one of the first songs I thought of. This was one of the songs I listened to on the way to the studio to get me in the mood. It sorta sets the tone for the whole series. Plus, it’s simply beautiful.

“Rusty the Skatemaker” by Rasputina
I knew I couldn’t do an Abigail list, and not include Rasputina. Then it provided one of the most fitting songs for Abigail. I imagine this is one she would have on repeat and deeply relate to, considering Abigail came from a poor town in Illinois that she would probably refer to as a shit hole oil drum of town. This song feels like it represents a little slice of naive happiness before you grow up and the world tells you otherwise.

“Only Happy When it Rains” by Garbage

“Half Jack” by The Dresden Dolls
Ugh, Dresden Dolls, how I love you so. This song… this song, man. Everyone struggles with being products of their parents, for better or for worse. It’s no secret that Abigail’s relationship with her father is… uh-unhealthy. The only option was to chase all the ways she was like him away. Run, Jack, Run.

“In The Waiting Line” by Zero 7
I dedicate this song to all of my flatmates. The movie in my head plays this song when I think of all of us going about our day to day lives, still oblivious to one another and how dramatically our lives are about to change. Opening credits running over walking steady cam shots. You get the idea.

“Peek-A-Boo” by Siouxsie and the Banshees
Mmmmm, Jude. Jude, Jude, Jude. This one’s for you.

“Mr. Self Destruct” by Nine Inch Nails
Imagine this song as Abigail is down in that basement; crowbar in tow. All of her repressed thoughts, memories, personality traits and forgotten nightmares flooding her brain. On the verge of breaking, she’s reminded who she truly is: Mr. Self Destruct.
(Ok, will someone please take the crowbar away from me already!!)

“World Coming Down” by Type O Negative
Goodbye world as we know it!

“Abigail’s Lullaby” from Metalocalypse
I couldn’t resist! This was just too perfect, and also… shout out to Metalocalypse!

“The End” by the Doors
This song was always one of mine and my dad’s favorites. Honestly, kinda feels like a bizarre full circle, in a way. Something Abigail and I had in common was the small town wanderlust for the West coast. The Doors massively added to its mystery when I was a kid desperately wanting to leave my small southern town. Abigail embodies it all.

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