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Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Love

Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Love

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we decided to take a stab at suggesting some cool and geeky alternatives to flowers and chocolate. While some of these gifts could be categorized as traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, their nerdy slant might be the thing to make this mainstream celebration of love a little more intimate and special.



While giving jewelry seems cliché, it can also be a lovely and meaningful gift, as it’s something the recipient bears with them when they wear it. You don’t have to go to those stuffy diamond stores in the mall, though, as beautifully designed jewelry for every fandom can now be found. It really says something when the likes of BioWare, Bethesda, and Weta Workshop are all selling beautiful designs by Allison Hourcade Cimino of RockLove (whose site also sells beautiful designs for a plethora of fandoms like Star Trek and Vikings, as well as space, nautical and science-inspired fine jewelry.)



There is something truly romantic about a written chronicle of a relationship as it unfolds, and journals are a start to a keepsake that can be truly rich and meaningful. Like how the Doctor and River used their notebooks to keep their relationship memorialized (as well as to track where they were along their own relationship’s timeline), this kind of gift is one that showcases the possibilities of a journey to come. Both practical and sentimental, you can also give a notebook that exemplifies your love’s fandom from makers like CulturalBindings on Etsy, whose custom designs make a pile of paper into something much more special. Chronicled memories not included.



If your loved one is anything like mine, one of the most used items in their lives is their coffee mug. Pair this color-changing pixel mug (available from ThinkGeek) with a romantic breakfast, or late-night gaming session and your geeky coffee addict will know that you love them as much as they love their java.



The world of sexy and geeky bedroom wear has expanded significantly since I started dating, thanks to Etsy and enterprising sellers like SciFeyeCandy, are not only making some stunning lingerie for her but also some pretty geeky wear for him that they’re calling swim trunks but is totally perfect for a fun romp at home.

What sorts of geeky gifts would make your Valentine’s day? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: RockLove, ThinkGeek, CulturalBindings
Blog Image Credits: RockLove, CulturalBindings (Etsy), ThinkGeek, Mark Wang (with permission from SciFeyeCandy), SciFeyeCandy

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