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Roleplaying Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2017

Roleplaying Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2017

The tabletop roleplaying game industry is driven by crowdfunding these days, which means that in years when there have been great Kickstarters for games, we’ll have a lot to look forward to in the next year. Such is the case for 2017. Big games, little games, games that have been pet projects and labors of love for years, and games that are important new editions of old favorites; this may just be another golden year for fans for RPGs.

Let’s go over the most anticipated games we have to look forward to in the coming turn ’round the sun.

Blades in the Dark

The seedy creation of John Harper published by Evil Hat (the creators of Fate), Blades in the Dark is a game of criminal enterprise in a dark medieval setting. It’s about grabbing up territory and holding it with your crew of fellow miscreants and scoundrels. It’s heists and dark deeds. It sounds awesome and was successful enough with the campaign’s stretch goals that there’s going to be a novel and a number of fascinating expansions. This RPG is definitely worth a look if you want a new system and a new perspective on fantasy.

Cavaliers of Mars

One of the few games we’re looking forward to that wasn’t (yet) crowdfunded, Cavaliers of Mars is a swashbuckling game set on another world, one filled with the ruins of a fallen people. It’s written and developed by Rose Bailey and will be published by Onyx Path Publishing. Cavaliers is currently in open development and has a free quick-start guide. It seems likely we’ll see more of it in the coming year, which is exciting.

Invisible Sun

One of the more unusual games to show up in recent years, Invisible Sun is a surrealist fantasy game by famed designer Monte Cook. It’s a game of secrets, mysteries, and surrealistic paradoxes. It’s a mind bending story-focused game that seems honed and refined. Monte Cook Games took some heat for the high price point on this one, so it will be interesting to see if their gamble pays off and a game worth all that cash comes of it in 2017.


Monsterhearts 2

The newest edition of this now-famous story game about brooding teenagers who are also scary monsters by Avery Adler. Monsterhearts is sexy and awkward at the same time, which makes it the beloved favorite of so many. It uses the Apocalypse World core system, which recently had a new edition (just this month) so you know it’s fresh.

Open Legend

Open Legend RPG is a class-free narrative-focused open source universal RPG by Brian Feister, which provides a setting by our own Matt Mercer and the legendary Ed Greenwood. This looks like just the beginning for the system and we’re thrilled to see just what comes of it in the new year.


Predation is a game by brilliant writer Shanna Germain set in the distant past, featuring far future technology. You’re the descendants of scientists and explorers who went back in time to study among the dinosaurs the Cretaceous period. Stuck in the past, but knowledgeable about the future, it’s a striking blend of survival and sci-fi utilizing the elegant Cypher System by Monte Cook Games. It should be a blast to play.


Brainchild of dog lover Eddy Webb, Pugmire is a medieval fantasy game, but also a post-apocalyptic game, but also it’s about anthropomorphic dogs (and cats). The game is more than a little tongue-in-cheek, but it also seems genuine and brilliant. We can’t wait to see all the cute fantasy puppy art that floods the internet.


Rifts for Savage Worlds

The classic game of smashing together genres is back, this time built for the more action-packed Savage Worlds system. Rifts is an old-school 80’s-feeling mashup game, with fantasy and science fiction elements. We’re excited to see how it all fits together.

Star Trek Adventures

You know what Star Trek is. You know you’re on the edge of your seat to play it, live it, enjoy it. There’s a new Star Trek TV series on the way and this game by Modiphius is tied to its fate. Here’s hoping they’re both amazing.

Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition

With the purchase of 90’s-era game publisher White Wolf by the Swedish video games company Paradox Interactive, the future of the beloved Vampire: The Masquerade has been in flux this last year. With news that a new edition is in development out of their offices in Stockholm, we’re told a new vampire is on the way, slated for publish at the end of 2017 / beginning of 2018. Developers have said that the new game will focus more on the dark side of worldwide events and places, with less emphasis on the US. Should be quite an interesting change of pace.

That’s what we’re excited for. Post what you can’t wait to see in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Monte Cook Games

Image Credits: Monte Cook Games, Onyx Path Publishing

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