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Relive Your Childhood with Midnight Release Parties for ‘The Cursed Child’

Relive Your Childhood with Midnight Release Parties for ‘The Cursed Child’

Potter Party 2Where were you in 2007 when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hit bookshelves across the globe? Were you sound asleep, planning to pick up the book the next time you made to a store? Or could it possibly be that you were sitting on the floor of a sweltering mall bookstore at midnight, pushed up against a fellow fan and trying not to poke them in the eye with your wizard’s hat?

If you were one of the thousands of fans across the globe who partied for the midnight release of any (or all!) of the Harry Potter books, prepare to relive those days of magic and wonder, for bookstores are rallying their troops in preparation for similar events in celebration of The Cursed Child.

Potter Party3

Starting for some locations as early as 9 a.m. on July 30th, Barnes & Noble will host special Countdown to Midnight parties leading up to the anticipated release of the eighth installment of the Harry Potter saga. Not a fan of chain-store shopping? Check your local bookstore for any Potter party news, as schedules are popping up all over the net for citywide events to celebrate this release. Conventions are getting in on the excitement as well, with GeekyCon announcing that they’re adding a midnight release party, starting at 7 p.m. on July 30th.

Thinking of attending one of these shindigs? Feel a little extra wizardy by incorporating a couple of things from the list below into your look before heading out for the big night!

Plush Hedwig toys

The one stuffed animal we all kept into our teens years. Let’s not lie to ourselves, yours is still in your closet too, right? In any case, everyone who came to the late night release parties would bring their own stuffed owl to show off, renamed of course, unless you were dressed as Harry himself. Owls play such an important role in the lives of witches and wizards, which made them essential to a fan’s collection of Potter party props.

House scarves and ties

Fans have always expressed their house pride with scarves and ties corresponding to their house colors. While Gryffindor and Slytherin apparel was always easy to find, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff clothing is now easier to find than ever, especially with sites like Etsy.

Ministry of Magic cosplays

For most of society, three-piece suits aren’t exactly the preferred dress for work every day, but as we’ve seen in the films and in promotional photos for the upcoming stage play, the right suit, along with a wand and a briefcase, can turn you into a Ministry drone in no time.

New Hogwarts Robes

As we saw in the recently released characters portraits from the show, first year students at Hogwarts have some pretty swanky new robes compared to those of the generation before them. Don’t be surprised if your cosplay-minded friends have already begun work on new sets of robes.

Do you plan on attending a midnight release party this summer? What are you expecting, and how do you plan on celebrating costume or prop wise? 

Featured Image Credit: Sergey Pyatakov/Wikimedia

Image credit: Chris/FlickrPottermore

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