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Relive the Battle with The Best of Our Warcraft Trailer Stream

Even though the snow still lingers from this year’s Blizzcon, we know that next summer will heat up with Warcraft hitting theaters on June 10th, 2016. There will be orcs versus humans and some against their own kind as they fight for control over the world. Orcs, facing a dying land, find a way into the world of man where both factions must fight to survive. Swords, armor, and flying mounts; Warcraft dives into world of fantasy with both swords swinging.

We celebrated the launch of the official trailer with Ify Nwadiwe and Alison Haislip helming the stream and Hector Navarro reporting in from the show floor of Blizzcon to get fan reactions. Along the way, we put our host through a rigorous series of challenges as they fought for the Alliance or FOR THE HORDE! Thumbs were wrestled. Weapons danced. The team managed to create a very special edition of Superfight with Warcraft-themed cards.

To catch all the fun, catch our rebroadcast of the live stream above. And to be a part of the adventure, make sure you check out Warcraft, hitting theaters June 2016.

Excited for Warcraft? Sound off in the comments below about what you’re looking forward to most!

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