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Relive Five Underrated Brawls In Captain America: Civil War When It Hits Blu-Ray This September

Relive Five Underrated Brawls In Captain America: Civil War When It Hits Blu-Ray This September

Hitting digital September 2nd and Blu-Ray September 13th, Captain America: Civil War is the splashiest Marvel movie to date. Focusing on a rift between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark after the events of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the Russo Brothers-directed film wowed audiences with thrilling action all in service of the propulsive storytelling, deft character work, and compelling ideas about what compromise, friendship, and accountability mean for our heroes.

So while we’ve already awed over moment’s like Black Panther’s magnificent chase after Bucky Barnes, the heartbreaking, climatic battle between Cap and Tony, and of course, the epic airport hero-on-hero bonanza, there are plenty of other brawls in this film that are just as thrilling, thematically relevant, and brutal as the big ones. Let’s suit up and break ‘em down so that when you rewatch it again this September, you won’t miss a single moment.

Iron Man/Agent 13/Black Widow/Black Panther versus The Winter Solider 

“You could at least recognize me.”

In Captain America: Civil War, the formally fearsome Winter Solider is no longer under mind control… that is, until Colonel Helmut Zemo unleashes the brained washed assassin within. In this initial escape, Sharon Carter leads the way in tracking Bucky down, teaming up with Tony Stark and Black Widow to be the first response team. It’s a testament to how far the MCU has come when all these heroes can come together in a pinch. When T’Challa gets in the mix, the film perfectly articulates this smorgasbord of motivations big and small to stop the bad guy (even if poor Bucky is under mind control).

Hawkeye/Scarlet Witch Versus The Vision

© Marvel
“I can’t control their fear, only my own.”

Wanda Maximoff had always felt that her abilities that came from a place of hurt and anger (leading up to the events of Age Of Ultron). So by the time Hawkeye comes to bust her out of the Avengers base, she’s at a crossroads. She feels compassion for Vision, but at the same time is still processing the events in Lagos (where her powers inadvertently caused civilian deaths) on her terms. Leave it to ‘ol grumpy Clint Barton to give her the nudge she needs to stand her ground. It’s at times alarming and hilarious seeing the ways Wanda and Clint deal with an all powerful synthetic lifeform like Vision and his ability to ‘go transparent,’ Wanda getting the final say as she blasts him down deep below the Earth. Ouch.

Spider-Man versus Captain America

© Marvel
“You got heart kid, where you from?”

In the middle of the chaos during the airport fight, Cap and Spidey trade blows, each deftly using momentum and balance that feels like a ballet. When Steve hears how he’s described by Tony through Peter Parker, it only serves to give him perspective and resolve to continue onward, but this time with a little more care. The fight with Spidey, and even the other heroes, is a distraction from the main goal (of stopping Zemo), but even through the punches there’s still time for a little understanding.

Ant-Man versus Iron Man

© Marvel
“It’s your conscious, we don’t talk a lot these days.”

The hurrah of the classic comic book moment where Hawkeye launches a tiny Ant-Man holding onto one of his arrows is merely a tipping point in the battle for Tony Stark. Petty criminal turned superhero, Scott Lang dives deep into the Iron Man suit to disable its weapons systems, but takes a moment to play the Jiminy Cricket role to Tony Stark’s Pinocchio (in a nice throwback to Age Of Ultron). Tony’s support of the Sokovia Accords is only fueled by guilt and remorse going all the way back to the first Iron Man. Lang probably isn’t even aware of how much of a nerve he’s touched.

Black Widow Versus Black Panther

© Marvel
“I said I’d help you find him, not catch him.”

Natasha Romanoff has acted as a double agent her whole life, but after spending years with the Avengers, she finally begins to undo all the damage and slowly works toward being human again. Civil War throws a wrench in everything. She knows the larger issues at stake and helps Tony when it makes sense, but also recognizes that Cap’s mission is vital as well. Despite striking up a brief friendship with T’Challa mere moments before the man’s father (T’Chaka) dies at the hands of an impostor Winter Solider, she knows she needs to stop him from reaching Cap and Bucky. Typically poised, menacing, and silent, T’Challa cries out in desperation as Black Widow stuns him over and over again. She knows he’s at his lowest. Seeing her face as she fires at him is heartbreaking. She knows the cost of all this fighting more than anyone.

Tell us below what your favorite clash is in Captain America: Civil War! Are you getting the film on Blu-Ray or digitally? Are you Team Cap or Team Iron or Team Shawarma and Hugs? Let us know!

All images courtesy Marvel

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