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Reasons Why I Want to Watch Supernatural

Reasons Why I Want to Watch Supernatural

Supernatural is one of those shows that has always existed in the back of my mind on my “Need to Watch” list. But for various reasons over the last 10 years I haven’t taken the plunge. In case you’re on the fence about starting Supernatural, here’s a few reasons why I want to watch.


I’ve been to countless conventions over the past few years and there’s always a Supernatural presence in attendance. Whether it’s the actual actors (Misha Collins likes to run by the Hall H line on the day of the Supernatural panel and make fans go crazy) or the cosplay, Supernatural is a large part of con culture and I always feel a little bit like I’m missing out. FOMO is real!

Number of Episodes

Genre TV shows often only get a few seasons before they’re cancelled, leaving me wanting more of all of my favorite shows with nowhere to turn. But Supernatural has over 200 episodes (so far) to catch up on. Not only will it give me plenty to enjoy but knowing that it got a fair chance on a network makes me pretty happy.


Despite never having seen the show, I know that the relationship between two brothers is a central theme. Family dynamics on TV has always interested me so the fact that these two brothers are the main characters is intriguing. Add in the actual supernatural aspect of the show dealing with angels and demons and it just seems like a cool show to watch.


I love shows that have a complex mythology or backstory. Supernatural has all kinds of “beings” with 10 years of character history. That gives me plenty of supplemental content to study up on to addition to the actual episodes. Wiki, please!


I went to a Supernatural meet-up in London with my sister a couple years ago. I didn’t understand anything they did really except that there were a bunch of strangers from all different situations running around playing in a park dressed as people from Supernatural. The fact that a fandom can mean so much to so many of different countries, ages, races, etc. says a lot to me about the show. It seems to transcend differences and that’s partly why I think it’d be a great group to join.

Let us know in the comments why YOU love Supernatural and what reasons you give people to start watching.

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