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Prelude To Shield of Tomorrow: More Crew Logs From The USS Sally Ride
Shield of TomorrowShield of Tomorrow

Prelude To Shield of Tomorrow: More Crew Logs From The USS Sally Ride

Every Wednesday at 9:30 PM, a talented crew roleplays their way to fulfill their mission and boldly go where no one has gone before. Join the adventures of the USS Sally Ride on Shield of Tomorrow on Twitch.

There’s no better way to get a sense of crew of the USS Sally Ride than to read their logs. These personal and mission logs, from just before the first adventure chronicled on Shield of Tomorrow, offer some very interesting insights into this remarkable crew.

Lt. Commander T’Lan

Science Officer’s Log. Stardate 48834.3
After months aboard the USS Sally Ride with very little disturbances to our daily routines, we have experienced our first adventure. I found our quieter times to be very productive– I was able to re-catalog some ionic samples and cross-checked our xenobiology database with the Federation’s most recent updates– but I must admit, I looked forward to traveling to the Jytonus Nebula to study its gaseous makeup and star formation. Of course, I did not expect for us to lose our chief engineer during this adventure. Loss of crew members is an eventuality for which we must all prepare. I noticed the other crew members were emotionally impacted by the death, particularly my fellow senior officers, with whom I witnessed his death first hand. The Orion captain was merciless in using our engineer as an example and did not hesitate to end his life so that we might be more pliable in ceding to his dominance.
But if there is one thing to be valued about humans, and Captain Martinez specifically, it is that even threats and actual violence meant to intimidate and silence cannot override a human’s will to succeed. I must admit I feel a certain sense of pride as well as caution in serving under such a captain– in the way that I am willing to take calculated risks in order to ensure that my science objectives are met, Capt. Martinez is willing to take risks to ensure the safety of his crew. And since we have different metrics of what may be considered logical and calculated in terms of risk-taking, I will continue to do my best to advise Capt. Martinez so that we all may mutually benefit from both measured Vulcan logic and brazen Human impulsiveness. 
End log.


Chief Medical Officer’s log, Stardate 48834.3
This will be the final entry in the Medical file of Lt. Commander Lind Xadas, who served with distinction as our Chief Engineer. His final mission was one of mercy: the Sally Ride, on its way to an ecological survey in the Akahrik System and using an indirect route to avoid areas of high Orion Raider activity, diverted to answer an apparent distress call from the Jytonus Nebula. On arrival, we encountered a temporal anomaly, and found ourselves, for lack of a better way to describe it, repeatedly propelled forward in time in short bursts. This means I can’t account for all of our actions, or how exactly we were captured by the Orion Raiders who had apparently lain this trap, but it was clear that we were experiencing it simultaneously and, if the injuries apparently sustained by Commander Rue during our capture are any indication, the other members of the senior staff conducted themselves with their characteristic excellence throughout. 
The leader of the raiders was a Captain Malgog, and while we were able to procure from him a dermal regenerator, with which I was able to treat Commander Rue’s wounds, we were trapped in a holding cell and I found myself unable to intervene to prevent Captain Malgog’s execution of Lt. Cmdr. Xadas. He hoped to intimidate our Captain; he was unsuccessful. Our subsequent escape is a testament to the skill and tenacity of our crew, but it is with great regret that I record the loss of Chief Engineer Xadas, a fine officer and valued friend to all of us.
Addendum, Personal log, Dr. Throlo Sh’shirros

This wasn’t my first funeral, and it won’t be my last, but it had been a long time since I lost one like this, to a predator like Captain Malgog, and it doesn’t get any easier. Young Ensign Sage has taken it hard, and I’d be surprised if Commander Rue isn’t taking it personally, though as usual, our First Officer hasn’t opened up to me. I’ll be looking out for them all, though, whether they like it or not.

If you’re ready to catch the game in action, the crew of the USS Sally Ride flies every Wednesday at 9:30 PM PT on Twitch.

Feature Image Credit: Geek & Sundry


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