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Pokémon Wear Their Own Evolutions As Cute Onesies

Pokémon Wear Their Own Evolutions As Cute Onesies

If only evolution were as easy as just doing up some buttons and pulling a drawstring. Well, the artist known as Birdy has put such a fanciful notion to paper, illustrating a whole series of colored pencil pieces with Pokémon wearing jammies in the likeness of their evolved forms.

Behold! Pikachu “in” Raichu! And Charmander “in” Charizard!Pokemone Onesies Promo 1

And here’s Psyduck “in” Golduck! Plus, Mew “in” Mewtwo!Pokemon Onesies Promo2

There are a bunch more in the gallery below, too.

If any pieces get that old “catch ’em all!” urge itching; Birdy has merch at RageOn and Society6, so you can get these doubly-cuddly critters on tops, tote bags, throw pillows, or even just prints for the wall. He’s also mashed up the ‘mon with other animated creatures throughout his pieces. See Pikachu dress up as that lovable mutant alien, Stitch! Or as Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece! Or see him and Squirtle simply pal around with Totoro’s gang of fuzzy forest spirits in the meadow. Birdy even lets Naruto in on the fun, tying the “nine tails” together by putting the ninja boy in a onesie, too.

What level of cuteness stats have the drawings unlocked? And really, wouldn’t hoodies like these be more fitting attire for Pokémon training? Sound off in the talkback. 

Image Credits: ItsBirdyArt


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