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Pokémon GO at SDCC: “We’re working on it.”

Pokémon GO at SDCC: “We’re working on it.”

Were you part of the frenzy that was Pokémon GO rumors at San Diego Comic Con? Hall H was filled to the gills yesterday as fans anticipated crazy reveals and, more importantly, the dropping of a Legendary Pokémon during the panel.

Leading up to Sunday, internet rumors flew wild that a Legendary would be released, despite no word from Niantic or the official Pokémon GO twitter account. Much like the Pokémon in San Diego with the dozens of lures dotting the convention, speculation ran wild that the move to the illustrious Hall H with the bigger room could mean only one thing – a legendary Pokémon. The original trailer for the game showed players gathering together to fight a legendary Pokémon, or hinted at some other reward. Whispers of this along with a couple of unofficial tweets came together to make the herculean leap to this conclusion.

Hundreds of fans in the area above Hall H, shortly before con staff blazed through and screamed at everyone, “THERE WILL BE NO POKEYMAN [yes, this is how they pronounced it] UP HERE. ONLY THOSE INSIDE THE HALL WILL GET IT, SO GET UP AND LEAVE.”


The crowd laughed heartily, not believing staff. Everyone obediently stood up and then… pretended to stand in line for Mrs. Field’s cookies. It was a troll move that only true fans could have pulled. Con staff angrily began screaming that those lined up had better buy something for real. Everyone yelled “we love cookies, not Pokémon!” in response.

Adding to the hype, when attendees entered Hall H, they were told to, “open their Pokémon GO app” and have it ready for the panel, further adding to fans expectations. However, during the Q&A section of the panel, John Hanke, chief executive officer of Niantic Labs sheepishly admitted to the audience of about 4,000 fans that no legendary Pokémon would be released today. (*insert sad trombone*)

But hey! Here’s a list of some fun facts Hanke dropped about the game:

  • Where you are in real life geographically does effect the kind of Pokémon you will see. “We try to spawn the Pokémon based on where they’d actually exist in the real world,” Hanke said, such as water Pokémon appearing near bodies of water.
  • “There are a certain set of Pokémon in the game right now. There are some rare ones that haven’t showed up yet that will be showing up. And there are some other ones in the universe; it’s something we’re excited about continuing with in the coming years,” Hanke said.
  • “Trading is not in Pokémon GO today, but it’s something we’re working on bringing to the product. Don’t get too excited. We need to make sure we can keep the servers up first!”
  • Eevee hack confirmed: Naming your Eevee thusly will result in the corresponding evolutions: Pyro (Flareon), Rainer (Vaporeon) and Sparky (Jolteon).
  • An update to training methods for Pokémon is, “at the top of our priority list,” Hacke said, but there is no date slated at this time.
  • Gym poaching, where a player can shove their Pokémon in a gym before the person who actually beat the gym has a chance to do it, is on the list of things they are trying to fix.
  • Team leaders announced! Team Valor: Candela. Team Mystic: Blanche. Team Instinct: Spark. The three leaders will be appearing in-game. “You’ll be hearing from them in a variety of ways,” Hanke said. Don’t worry, there’s already A TON of hilarious fan art of the leaders now.



While these updates are interesting, fans left the panel feeling less than satisfied for not getting a Legendary Pokémon. Not only that, but the Q&A portion of the panel felt fraught with, “It’s on our to-do list”-type of answer. One panel attendee, Glenn Freund, commented about the panel, “They made an awesome product that was launched before it was ready for prime time. They are working on getting it ready and I am excited to see what it is like when we get an update. The take home from the panel is, ‘we are working on it.'”

We wait with bated breath for changes to come!

Hanke’s closing words at the panel were, “Always spin, use the lucky eggs, and keep in mind the spirit of the game.”

Feature Image Credit: Pokémon GO

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