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Podcasts Perfect for Halloween

Podcasts Perfect for Halloween

There are tons of fantastic movies, shows, and books that you can sink your teeth into to help you get into the Halloween spirit. While all that is awesome, why not add some solid podcasts to your Halloween celebrations? Whether your favorite type of spooky stories center around zombies, urban legends, supernatural investigations, creepy towns, or ghost stories, there’s a podcast that can meet your spookiness needs.

Nightmare Magazine

Nightmare Magazine is a podcast full of stories of horror and dark fantasy. Nightmare Magazine is perfect for all types of horror fans. In this monthly podcast, you’ll find stories of psychological horror, zombies, ghosts, and everything in between. Nightmare Magazine gives you both original and existing works from a variety of authors. If you’re looking for horror of all shapes, sizes, and genres, this is the podcast for you. Never get the same thing twice, but always get a creepy, mind-bending story.

The Horror! Old Time Radio

Fans of ghost stories and classic horror will love this podcast. Not only is The Horror! filled with ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and the supernatural, but each story is from classic radio. If you’re spending your Halloween nights watching black-and-white horror and reveling in Hitchcockian tales, this is absolutely going to get you excited. Not only does each podcast have throwback scares, but the history of each radio show is also explained before each new podcast begins.

We’re Alive 

We’re Alive is the story of Michael Cross, a former soldier and college student who finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. As the dead roam the earth, Michael and the other survivors band together to fight the undead and other humans in a desperate fight for survival. This one is perfect for fans of survival stories, zombie tales, and shows like The Walking Dead. Don’t think for a second that because this one is a podcast that it is less dramatic or exciting, We’re Alive manages to bring the thrills, excitement, and scares of any great zombie movie or television show.

The Black Tapes Podcast

If you love real-life ghost stories, paranormal investigation, and urban legends, you’ll love The Black Tapes Podcast. This podcast follows Alex Reagan, a journalist investigating real-life ghost stories. It’s also got a bit of a nice X-Files vibe to it, with a skeptical character and one who’s more open to the supernatural. Because this podcast has a bit of a journalistic feel, the realistic nature adds significantly to the show’s spookiness.


Speaking of real-life scary stories, Lore is all about “true” terrors. The show’s creator and narrator, Aaron Mahnke, tells stories that center around real-life ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural monsters. What makes the show fantastic is the way Mahnke makes sure to give you the spooky lore surrounding the urban legend along with the real-life explanation without discrediting the scariness behind the stories. He also leaves the tale open for the unexplained to remain unexplained, as reality can often be a lot more frightening than anything fictional.

Welcome to Nightvale

Perhaps you’ve heard of this little podcast? If you’ve not jumped on the Nightvale bandwagon just yet, you absolutely need to get onboard. Welcome to Nightvale is a “community radio” program for the unique little desert town of Nightvale. Narrated by community radio host Cecil, listening to the podcast will give you a glimpse into a town that is often weird, bizarrely funny, unsettling, and even sometimes scary. While not every episode is “scary”, Nightvale is one bizarre town that bends reality with each episode. Fans of the weird and occasionally spooky will love Nightvale Radio.

Have you listened to any of these podcasts? Which are your favorites, and what are some of your other favorite horror podcasts? Let me know in the comments!


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