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Play & Preview These Fab IDW Boardgames at Our SDCC Tabletop Lounge

Play & Preview These Fab IDW Boardgames at Our SDCC Tabletop Lounge

In case you haven’t heard, we’re doing our annual activation again for San Diego Comic Con  – this time, we’ll be hanging out at the Marina Terrace of the Marriott Marquis & Marina. Our tabletop lounge will be stocked full of awesome games and we’ll even have some exciting demos of yet-to-be-released games for you to get your hands on.  And no, you don’t need a convention pass to get in on the fun!

Here’s a few games that will be available to play and demo at our Conival activation from game publisher IDW:



Play it on Friday, July 21 – 3PM to 4PM

This two player game pits the Future Industries Fire Ferrets against The White Falls Wolfbat in water, earth, and fire bending battles. Like in the show, your goal is to knock your opponents out of the ring or advance forward on the platform.  Bring your own old-timey color commentator so they can call it when you knock your opponent about like a jalopy on a gravel road (or a cabbage cart on a country trail).

Editor’s note: We’ve been informed that Sky Bison and Polar Bear-Dogs are not welcome in the tabletop game lounge. Apologies in advance.


Play it on Saturday, July 22 – 3PM to 4PM

8-bit nostalgia meets the analog tabletop experience. Leading the design of this first of a series of Atari tabletop games, Jon Gilmour (co-designer of Dead of Winter) and his team of developers promise an experience that is intense, fast-paced, and will harken back to experiences played in dark arcades starting into glass-barriered CRT screens.

Make sure you put your quarter down and call the next game.






Play it Thursday, July 20 – 3PM-4PM

Designed by the aforementioned Jon Gilmour and co-designer Daryl Andrews, this cooperative game is played with a deck of cards. You and your team were sent to investigate anomalous activities but a super storm has shifted this investigation into a life-or-death survival situation.

It’s an immersive and tense experience, where you’ve got to deal with untamable weather and relentless beasts while rationing supplies and managing much-needed tools.






Untitled design (1)


We’ve called this game the ultimate replacement for Monopoly (actually going so far as to say we you can set your Monopoly set on fire.) You’re the mayor of a city and you get to decide what businesses (in the way of restaurants, industries, and factories) can set up shop. You generate income and build things to make your city better (like airports).


Do you like solving mysteries? How about cats and puns? If the answer is yes, Purrlock Holmes is the kind of game you’ll want to get your claws into. You are racing your opponents, all trying to stay on Furriarty’s trail. Each player has a suspect who is unknown to them but known to everyone else around the table (blind man bluff style) and by getting enough leads to suss out the identify of your suspect, you get a clue to help you catch the feline mastermind himself.


Build a team, equip them, battle them and even bet on (or against) them in this battle game where players are vying to win in the arena. It costs money though, so sometimes throwing in a “champion” and betting against them so you can buy your real bruiser the better weapons, armor, and unique abilities. The winner earns a victory crystal, and whoever collects five crystals first wins.


This Eric Lang-designed game is a brilliant and delightful engine-building game where player take on the role of magical students trying to get their assignments in so they can graduate. They build a magical engine that generates the resources they need to finish their magic spells, some of which may also sabotage their fellow students, and keep them from graduating top of the class.

Want to check out all the awesomeness happening in our Tabletop Gaming Lounge? We’ve compiled the full list of games in our lending library as well as all the hands on demos happening. Make sure you keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook for more info on what’s going on with Geek & Sundry at SDCC! 

Image Credits: IDW Games/Nickelodeon



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