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Peek Into The USS Sally Ride’s Crew Logs: Prelude to Shield of Tomorrow
Shield of TomorrowShield of Tomorrow

Peek Into The USS Sally Ride’s Crew Logs: Prelude to Shield of Tomorrow

Every Wednesday at 9:30 PM, a talented crew roleplays their way to fulfill their mission and boldly go where no one has gone before. Join the adventures of the USS Sally Ride on Shield of Tomorrow on Alpha and Twitch.

There’s no better way to get a sense of the crew of the USS Sally Ride than to read their logs. These personal and mission logs, from just before the first adventure chronicled on Shield of Tomorrow, offer some very interesting insights into this remarkable crew.


Captain’s Log Stardate 48832.42

Admiral Nash sent us on a distress call out from the Akahrik system, where we were conducting routine ecological surveys. After the relatively calm few months since first contact with the Dominion, and the loss of the U.S.S. Voyager, my crew and I were ready to help those in need. The fact that the body of Starfleet legend, Captain James T. Kirk, was also recently found, cemented in me that anything could happen, on any mission.

We found chroniton waves, or tachyon particles, in the Shi’nora Belt nebula, along with Orion raiders. We were ambushed. The distress call was a trap. Not only that, but the chroniton waves actually affected our ship and our crew. We found our consciousnesses jumping through time, losing precious minutes each jump. My key crew and I were taken aboard an Orion raider named Capo Malgog’s ship. Malgog killed my chief engineer, Lind Xadas. I was unable to save him. I made a mistake. I lost.

We were able to overcome our captors, escape the Orions, and escape the nebula. Lt. Commander Xadas was still dead. I went through the scenario over and over again in my quarters, coming up with no less than sixteen ways I could have played it differently, that could have resulted in Lind keeping his life. That was something Starfleet didn’t prepare me for. The guilt. But now, I’ll carry the memory of Lind with me for the rest of my career. I only hope he’s the only crewman I lose on this ship.

Captain out.



Junil Rue’s Personal Log

Met with Admiral Norwell Nash today, and it looks like the brass are finally putting me back on a ship again. Thank the stars! It wasn’t without a fight: Nash couldn’t say aloud that he wanted me to refuse the XO/Tactical post on the U.S.S. Sally Ride and leave it to a nondisabled officer, but he implied it pretty loudly. Apparently, my new captain, Rafael Martinez, had my back. I don’t know much about him, and he’s already taken us on a joyride to Pluto and back, so he’s clearly not one for rules and regs. We’ll see how that goes, but at least I’ll be around to keep an eye on these kids. Someone’s gotta make sure they’re safe.

First Officer’s Log, Stardate 48832.42

While surveying the Akahrik System, we received a distress beacon from a putative Federation vessel from inside the Jytonus Nebula. No such vessel had passed through recently, so I can’t say it was surprising that it was a trap set by the Orion Syndicate. The surprise came from the temporal distortions inside the nebula that caused us to time jump throughout the encounter. I can’t remember the combat that ensued after the bridge crew were taken prisoner aboard the Orion vessel. They said I took out six of their men and killed two before they overwhelmed me. That explains why I was too injured to move when they grabbed Lind Xadas from the cell and shot him in front of us. It shook the captain and the crew: most of them haven’t seen much brutal action. I let the doctor patch me up this time, at least enough to crawl through the Jeffries tubes to take the Orions’ shuttle and make our escape. I had no mercy for those slavers before this, and I suspect that sentiment is all but universal on the Sally Ride now that they killed one of our own…

Data Pads


Lark Sage’s Personal Log

I still don’t know how I feel about doing this personal log, but Doctor Sh’shirros said “it might help to talk about it” so I guess I’ll just talk to myself.  The whole incident doesn’t even seem real. I still expect to see Xadas pop up behind a panel every time I walk into engineering.  It all started with that distress signal.

We all suspected it was a trap… the time jumps were definitely an unexpected variable. No amount of training or flying simulations could have prepared me for that. Then we were captured on the Orion ship. I always play back that moment over and over.

When we were asked about our warp capabilities, was there anything I could have said or done to have changed the outcome of Xadas’ death? He and I got along pretty well… I was even beginning to consider him a friend. I think he was the only one on the ship who had an idea of the extent of my engineering background. We had planned to reprogram a few things to surprise some of the crew… maybe I’ll still do it – just because I know how much he was looking forward to seeing the look on the Doctor’s face when she loses at poker. 

I guess the one positive outcome of all this is that I seemed to have gained some respect from the rest of the crew. I proved my worth by jerry rigging the medical tricorder to get us out of the cell…. though I may not be much of a fighter, I hope the Captain respects the abilities I do have – Everyone knows I can fly… but I feel like I haven’t shown any of my other talents. That’s a good thing, I guess. Better to keep my head down and just hope no one catches on… I honestly didn’t think my plan would work – I’m shocked I got assigned to the mission as such an inexperienced officer, but I guess my parents’ name has more of a pull on paper than I thought. There I go… rambling again. 

I guess I’ve talked enough. I’ll go raise a glass to Xadas one last time. Cream Soda. He didn’t like it much.

Want More Star Trek?

Looking for Doctor Throlo Sh’shirros and Lt. Commander T’Lan’s logs? Check back next week, where we’ll be able to peek into their logs.  If you’re ready to catch the game in action, the crew of the USS Sally Ride flies every Wednesday at 9:30 PM PT on Alpha and Twitch.

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