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Spooked: Paranormal Professionals

The Paranormal Investigation Team encounter a poltergeist haunting the newlyweds: Donna Johnson and, of course, Carol-Anne…

Spooked is about a ragtag group of ghost hunters, comprised of their leader Connor (Julian Curtis), occult specialist Morgan (Ashley Johnson), tech aficionado Lindsey (Neil Grayston), fanboy Elliot (Derek Mio) and their secret weapon Piper (Shyloh Oostwald) who can actually talk to ghosts.


Directed by:

Richard Martin

Created by:

Michael Gene Conti

Written by:

Michael Gene Conti

Felicia Day

Executive Producers:

Bryan Singer

Jason Taylor

Felica Day

Sheri Bryant


Richard Martin

Marc Berliner

Ryan Copple

Amy Kim

Jaime Burke

Line Producer:

Tina Pavlides

Director of Photography:

Jay Visit

Production Designer:

Evelyn Ellias

Edited by:

Nick Towle

Casting Director:

Steve Brooksbank

Supervising Sound Editor:

Frederic Dubois

Music by:

Alexander Bornstein

Costume Designer:

Monica Chamerblain

Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist:

Karen Huitsing


Julian Curtis


Ashley Johnson


Neil Grayston


Derek Mio


Shyloh Oostwald


Dichen Lachman


Alison Haislip


Constance Wu

Visual Effects by:

Chicken Bone

VFX Producer/Supervisor:

John J. Renzulli III


Ryan Kaplan

Mattaniah Yip

Teague Chrystie

Mark Branton

Production Supervisor:

Ari Virgil Paige

1st Assistant Director:

Chris Fishel

2nd Assistant Director:

Ashton Golembo

Production Coordinator:

Dillan Harris

Art Director:

Adam Ruben

Additional Art Director:

Lauree Martell

Prop Master:

Angel Herrera

Casting Assistants:

Kimberly Ehrlich

Amelia Swedeen

A Camera 1st AC:

Matt La Roche

Additional A Camera 1st AC:

Jason Wittenberg

Pauline Bryant

B Camera Operator:

Rafael Levva

B Camera 1st AC:

Michael Chomieniec

2nd AC:

Henry Zavala

Additional 2nd AC:

Liz Ehlers


Erick Wilcyznski

Additional DIT:

Natalie Carr

Earl Fulcher


Kevin Skaggs

Best Boy Electric:

Gavin Davenport


Joseph Quinn

Key Grip:

Christopher Wess

Best Boy Grip:

Tyler Rousseau

Production Sound Mixer:

Ray Gaona

Boom Operator:

Joanne Wu

Additional Boom Operator:

Mauricio Rivas

Script Supervisor:

Erin Grumley

Additional Script Supervisor:

Melinda Denny

Storyboard Artist:

Alexandra Jensen

Hair and Makeup Assistant:

Shannon Schotter

Wardrobe Assistant:

Rachael Hranka


Iain McCall

Craft Services:

David Bolster

Post Producer:

Nick Towle

Assistant to Director:

Jennie Kong

Associate Producers:

Nicholas Lazo

Annie Liu

Nick Appelbaum

Production Assistants:

Jason Brisson

Josh Calvert

Carmine Cokeee

Shamus Cooley

Sean Costello

Jordan Gibbs

Joseph Harris

Kenny Mitchell

Matt Moroughan

Brian Parada

Marshall Rainey

Adam Ung

RV Driver:

Ted Zervoudakis

Additional RV Driver:

Adam Goldberg

Stunt Coordinator:

Steve Schriver

Set Medic:

Micah Goldstein

Studio Teachers:

Stella Pacific

Mark Realkofer

Todd Pliss

Paul Salow

Mary Ellen Spaniel

Lifeboat Office Coordinator:

Amelia Ferroni

Still Photographer:

Katrina Marcinowski

Additional DIT:

Dustin Muenchow

Brennan Barsell

ADR & Re-Recording Mixer

Frederic Dubois

ADR Mixer:

Peter S. Carlstedt

Sound Effects Library:

ADR & Re-Recording Mixing

3rd Street ADR, Santa Monica

Additional Editor:

James Deuling

Assistant Editor:

Catie Lau

Additional VFX:

James Deuling

Catie Lau

Title Design by:

Tamara Lantze Lau

Steve Sprinkles

Digital Intermediate by:

Blacklist Digital

Digital Intermediate Supervisor:

Tims Johnson

Digital Intermediate Colorist:

Narbeh Tatoussian

Digital Intermediate Editor:

Justin Williams

Digital Intermediate Assistant:

Tyler Johnson

Production Interns:

Nikki Garrabrant

Eric Henson

Xander Herman

Cat O’Grady

Michelle Patterson

Special Thanks to:

Wendi Dell

St. James Church

Eretz Cultural Center

Dan Studney

Patrick Sheane Duncan

Jennifer Zietz and Family

Sportman’s Lodge

Lon Gowan and Julie Dolan

Rodger Roberger

Grace Ledding

Sherry Howell

Our Friends and Family

All characters and events depicted in this production are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This production is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or reproduction of this production or any part thereof (including the soundtrack) could result in criminal prosecution as well as civil liability. Geek & Sundry, Inc. is the author of this production for the purpose of copyright and other laws.

© 2014 Geek & Sundry, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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