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Overwatch Developers’ Tips for Surviving the Beta

Looking over the rooster of the new Overwatch game can be daunting. There’s a gorilla in a power suit, a robot with shields, a knight with a rocket for a hammer, and a guy on skates just to run through a few of the portraits that popup on the select screen. Typically, one character fulfills a single role in squad-based shooters, but with Overwatch, you’ll have several to pick from each role and each with their own way of accomplishing similar goals. If you are looking to dish out some healing, you can pick Mercy who uses a beam to keep your team in the game or Zenyatta’s orbs to give a small burst of healing. Instead of being paralyzed by choices, look it as a way to find your style in this new shooter.

If you manage to get into the beta or one of the stress tests the developers talk about, you’ll want to jump in and start pulling triggers as soon as possible. While your first couple of times out may be fast, brutish, and short; you’ll pick up the basics along with a couple of kills with these helpful tips.

Support Class Doesn’t Mean Defenseless

Don’t think of it as being “the person in the back,” but rather the person “keeping your meat shields alive.” Starting out as support lets you get a lay of the land while playing an integral role of the team. With a character like Lucio with his ability to heal or speed up the people around him, you’ll want to be more in the middle of the action than your typical medic. Pick the one that suits your playstyle.

Pay Attention to Team Composition

Even before hitting the stage, you have an idea of how your team works. As you pick out characters, the system will tell you if you need a tank or could use a little more support. Don’t worry about filling out every role in the team in order to make it through alive. Just know if you don’t have any support on your team, that you should keep an eye out for health pack, or without a tank, you might need to find cover sooner than you expect.

Change Your Hero

But then again, you could always change your hero to fit the situation if you do need more fire power or to just hide behind a really big shield. As objectives change on a map, you’ll often need to change with them. Trying to take over an area may require you to start out with someone with a little more distance and then finish with someone who can go in swinging. Don’t be afraid to change or explore new possibilities with your team composition.

Use Your Ultimate

Every character has one, but not everyone uses it. It’s something that doesn’t come online until a little after the shooting starts. Sometimes you wait too long for that perfect moment to pull off this amazing feat, only to find yourself on the wrong side of a kill cam. Use it. Figure out how it works. Even if that amazing sweeping dragon comes out at the wrong time, you’ll have another chance to call on your ultimate attack.

Find a New Path

Often in games, you look for the two routes to get to your goal. You can go left or you can go right, but Overwatch lets you take a couple of paths to get to where you want. There are even characters that allow for flight, wall climbing, or teleportation to get to new areas. If you find yourself dying in the same place, try taking a new route to your destination.

If you want to jump into the action, you should keep an eye out for Beta Test Weekends starting this weekend and sign up with Blizzard to get your name on the list. See you in the arena!

Feature Image Credit: Blizzard

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