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Once Upon an Epic Adventure – The Story of Vox Machina

Do you know the story of Vox Machina? Sure you do. You’re on Twitch every Thursday night following the exploits of the gang as they take on every form of villainy thrown at them by Matt Mercer. But do you know how they met, their first mission together, or what happened to them after that?

There’s no need to thumb through wiki pages to find stories told from person to person across electronic whispers of the internet. We have everything you need to know about the epic beginnings of this troop of adventurers.

The Story of Vox Machina takes you through the group’s first quests with the team narrating and guiding you every step of the way. Illustrations take you to major turning points in their quest to vanquish a malevolent lich or to save one of their own from a terrible fate. Watch their first meeting with Percy. Explore the city streets of Emon. Ride on that faithful magic carpet to safety from the crumbling tower. Even if you know every story of the Vox Machina inside and out, this is a great video to show other people who might be wondering where you disappear off to every Thursday night.

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