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On The Table Season Six Round-Up!

We hope you all had an awesome Christmas and got plenty of great games to use on the tabletop! With the New Year now firmly taking control it’s time to have a quick look back at what we thought were some of the best games from the show in season six and give you another chance to view their magnificence.

We’ll be covering Wargames, Board Games, Card Games, Role-Playing Games and even some of the awesome Kickstarter projects that should be delivering to backers soon in a bumper long show that dives back into a very, very cool season.

Some great board games have come out like the tense Letters from White Chapel and the awesome Firefly. The seriousness of those games is combated with games like the brilliant Space Cadets and in wargaming, Infinity, Darklands and Flames of War to mention just a few.

What was your favourite gaming moment from 2013 and what are you looking forward to this year!?

Previous Winner

The final episode also reveals a final winner for the seasons and one lucky person has got their hands on City of Remnants by Plaid Hat Games. The winner is…


Happy belated Christmas and we’ll make sure you have an awesome new game to get playing in the near year! It’s a cracker and we can’t wait to hear how your games of it go down.

This Shows Prize

We’re going to be doing things a little differently this time around for the competition this episode so by commenting below you will be added to the draw to win a mystery prize at the beginning of next season! So, if you’d like to win an awesome game — we always give away some awesome games — then get chatting below.

Show Links

Board Games:

Firefly: The Game


Letter from Whitechapel

Space Cadets

Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport


Dropzone Commander

Fireforge Games: Deus Vult


Mierce Miniatures’ Darklands

Flames of War

Wild West Exodus

Star Trek: Attack Wing


Battle Systems Terrain Kickstarter

Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter

Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game

ArcWorlde Kickstarter

Journey: Wrath of Demons Kickstarter

Role Playing:

Mouseguard Role-Playing Game

Dark Heresy 2nd Edition

DUST Adventures Role-Playing!

D&D Collectors Series

Achtung! Cthulhu

Card Games:

7 Wonders

Epic Death

High Command

Lords of War

Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

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