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On The Table s6 ep7: Deadzone, Mouseguard & Star Trek!

Welcome back to another episode of On The Table where we have some awesome stuff to show off in the wake of that epic Halloween episode! We’ll be delving into the world of awesome terrain with Battle Systems and great stories at the hands of Mouseguard and Journey: Wrath of Demons, two firm favourites there!

As well as that we’ll be checking out the epic WizKids take on Star Wars: X-Wing with Star Trek Attack Wing (Picard was always better than any Luke Skywalker I say!) and the release of Deadzone from Mantic Games.

In this show: X-Com Mega Competition, Mantic Games’ Deadzone, Battle Systems Terrain Kickstarter, Journey: Wrath of Demons Kickstarter, Mouseguard Role-Playing Game, Star Trek: Attack Wing, Warhammer 40,000 Sisters of Battle Return!, Zenit Miniatures: Nemesis, Mierce Miniatures’ Darklands, DUST Adventures Role-Playing!

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