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Omnibus | NFL SuperPro: Marvel’s Dumbest Superhero

Think fast! What’s the dumbest thing in comic books? Whatever you said is probably wrong, unless you answered NFL SuperPro!

Amy and Hector team up (Get it? Team? Like in football?) with Sterling Gates, Kyle More, Sam Humphries, Matt Haley, and Mark Waid to talk about Marvel’s worst product placement. With rogues like Instant Replay and Quick Kick, sidekicks called “The Happy Campers”, and an origin story to make you cringe, NFL SuperPro sets the bar for lame superheroes while combining all the football tropes you never knew you didn’t really care about.

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Want to know what’s even worse in comics than NFL SuperPro? We don’t think there is anything, but if you do, let us know in the comments below!

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