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Nuka BreakNuka Break

Nuka Break – Season 1: Episode 2

Fallout’s Wasteland is a dangerous place, full of motley survivors with mysterious stories to tell (or, ya know, crazies who want to kill you). One of most successful fan projects to bring Fallout to life has beenFallout: Nuka Break. It’s spawned two full seasons and the standalone story, “Nuka Break: Red Star.” And now more Nuka Break is coming your way faster than an excited Dogmeat!

Geek & Sundry is proud to partner with Wayside Creations to air Fallout Nuka Break: Tales from the Wasteland later this year (ok, so maybe not quite as fast as an excited Dogmeat). These three brand new episodes will first air as part of Alpha – Legendary Digital Network’s brand new membership service launching later in 2016. And don’t worry if you backed Nuka Break: Tales from the Wastelandon Kickstarter; your rewards will be received as normal.

But while we wait for more Nuka Break, we figured that y’all might want to catch up on past Nuka Break episodes. So every Thursday, we’ll post an episode from the back catalog. This week, we continue our journey with Twig, Scar, and Ben and learn a little bit more about how the trio came to be…

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