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Nobles of The Faerun: Gift Ideas for Your Adventuring Progeny

Nobles of The Faerun: Gift Ideas for Your Adventuring Progeny

Are you one of the unfortunate nobles whose family has fallen victim to the trappings of adventuring in uncivilized areas of the land?  Did you do your best to raise your children in the luxury and comfort afforded to them by their noble stature, only to have them spurn your best intentions for them? Did you give them a quality education and introduce them to proper society only to have them express a want to muddy themselves (and your family name) by fruitlessly looting dungeons and slaying Torm-only-knows what, galavanting with, for all you know, worshippers of Cyric?

Fear not! With the season of gift giving upon us, this is a perfect time to help remind them of the comforts of home, and how much better a life you have planned for them. Here are three gift ideas to remind them of the superiority of the home and life you offer.

Master Farsight’s Seeker Ravens


Master Farsight is well known among the noble houses of Waterdeep, and was rumoured to have even provided ravens to the Lords of the city. His ravens are not only incredibly well-bred and trained, but are also enchanted with seeker spells to find the individual the message is intended for. Sending a footman as a messenger can often lead to, in the best circumstances, a minor inconvenience and temporary loss of household staff or, in more severe situations, an entirely new footman who then has to be trained to properly perform his duties. These ravens are an excellent alternative.

The Master will train the ravens to return to your keep, provide full care instructions, and also offers referral bonuses if your friends are also in need of quality messengers.

They aren’t cheap, with each raven costing 5,000 GP, but you have to splurge for quality these days. Moreover, you can’t put a price on nevermore hearing the words, “The Raven must have gotten lost”.*

Golden Remittance Of Lady Unera Westion

Sometimes, there’s a benefit to sending a little bit of money every now and then to make your adventurer feel homesick for the comforts to which they grew accustomed. The service of Lady Unera Westion out of Baldur’s Gate is an excellent way to send money to your adventurer should they send a message saying they are in need. Some say she uses magic to transport the money, others say she has a network of consultants through whom she outsources these services. Whatever her means, it can get money into the hands of your kin, fast.

In these moments where they are vulnerable, be generous of spirit, but not overly so with coin. Provide enough to them to ensure that their needs are tended to so that when they do eventually return home, their family portraits aren’t ruined. If they’ve only just taken the adventuring path, consider sending a slightly more ostentatious amount. One can hope that they may encounter some witless bandits who might scare them into returning home, particularly if their only weapon is their lyre and a greatsword they can barely wield despite you investing in only the best man-at-arms to train them growing up.

Minstrel Bleck’s “Home For the Holidays” Sheet Music Album

Making sure your child stays up-to-date with society and its trends is particularly important, as trying to re-civilize them is quite a hassle. One way to ensure they remain in fashion is to keep them stocked with a steady stream of culture.

Moreover, Minstrel Bleck’s sheet music, which can be played by any literate troubadour (although depending whereabouts in Faerun they are, this may be something of an oxymoron) has some excellent themes of returning home to loved ones, fulfilling duties to family, and rejecting wanderlust in favour of being grateful for the comforts one has.

What things have you done to beckon your childer home? Let us know by sending a raven (or leaving in comments below!)

Featured Image Credits: Dungeons & Dragons

Image Credits: Dungeons & Dragons (Edited by Teri Litorco for parody purposes under Fair Use)

Teri Litorco certainly did not write this article because she owes Master Farsight an unspeakable favour, but  because he’s a good person, who believes families should be in contact with each other always, and certainly does not enchant his ravens with magics that allow him to eavesdrop on conversations that you, a Lord of Waterdeep, or any other well-to-do individual in Faerun may have. When not in Faerun, she’s written The Civilized Guide to Tabletop Gaming and no longer keeps a raven but uses social media instead: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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