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No Siree – From The Comedy Musical “LearningTown” starring Paul & Storm

“No Siree” is the music video from Episode 5 of LearningTown starring Paul & Storm. Check it out here:

Watch Learning Town from the beginning here:

Don’t forget to watch LearningTown the webseries in which comedy duo Paul and Storm take over a legendary kids’ TV show, and with the help of timid producer Cookie and super fan Teddy, try to keep from completely screwing everything up.

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Motherhood, family

Baseball and basic courtesy

Picnics in the park

And real Christmas trees

Folks put ’em down or say they’re quaint

But you and I both know they ain’t

So when they tell ya “time to move along”

Tell ’em back “no siree!”

Times may change, but important values? Never!

Tradition needs to be maintained forever

We can do it together

A lovely figure, smiling face

Graceful and quiet and knows her place

Always ready with a double scotch and a BLT

Tender hands to rub your back

Angel in the kitchen, devil in the sack

When the ladies say it’s better now

Ya’ tell ’em back “No siree!”

Safe and quiet neighborhoods

Where everybody speak-a-da English good

No lower-class or Catholic types

Next door to me

Folks took pride in shining shoes

And a whole separate country club for the Jews

When they tell ya things are better now

We both say “No siree!”

Me and you, pal, makin’ the future brighter

Wholesomer, respectfuller, and whiter

Everybody tryin’ to change things ’round

Bring ’em on; together, we’ll take ’em down

Them trigger-happy low-downs, a-fixin’ for a showdown

Hoods and punks and foreigners, slackin’ on the corner

Dirty hippie losers, reefer-weed abusers

Commie pinko fairies, thinkin’ they can scare me

To them we’re gonna say…

“No siree!”

MUSIC and LYRICS BY Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo and Paul Sabourin

Also starring Bresha Webb and Mike Phirman. Special guests include James Urbaniak (Venture Bros.), Greg Benson (, Maurissa Tancharoen (Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog), Weird Al Yankovic and many more!

Created by Paul Sabourin, Storm DiCostanzo and Josh Cagan

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