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Nickelodeon’s ‘Double Dare’ Coming to Comic-Con

Nickelodeon’s ‘Double Dare’ Coming to Comic-Con

Long before his time explaining how our favorite snacks were made on Unwrapped, host-extraordinaire Marc Summers knew a thing or two about crazy obstacle courses, giant noses, and neon green slime due to his work on the Nickelodeon classic, Double Dare.

Double Dare premiered in October of 1986, and Nickelodeon’s The Splat channel is gearing up for a modern take on the show to celebrate it’s 30th anniversary. What makes it modern? Not only are they reviving the game for an evening and bringing it to San Diego Comic-Con, but for those of us who can’t make it to the convention, the show will be streamed live on The Splat’s Facebook page on July 22nd. Nickelodeon’s game shows are historic for their unique, dated prizes, hilarious obstacles, and quirky hosts, and Double Dare truly was one of the first of it’s kind.

The Physical Challenges


When a contestant just can’t answer a question in the trivia round, they can end up taking on one of the many physical challenges Double Dare had to offer instead. Always more interesting to the audience than the trivia, physical challenges on the show included classics like Pies in Your Pants, where one of the contestants had to fling pies into the oversized pants of their teammate, Rain On Your Parade, where one contestant had to fill a cup with liquid as it sat on their teammate’s head while their teammate played a variety musical instruments, and of course, The Human Taco, as seen above.

The Slime


What was a 90’s Nickelodeon show without a fair bit of slime, anyway? The green ooze used in Double Dare became so popular with fans that you could actually buy slime from the TV show itself, if you asked your parents to call for you, of course.

Not to be confused with the purple, gunky ooze Ivan Ooze peddled in the 90’s, get your slime right.

The Obstacle Course


Referred to as the messiest minute on TV at the time, the obstacle courses on Double Dare acted as a bonus round for the winning teams, offering up a chance to win extra cool prizes like Armitron character watches, Konica film cameras, and Casio guitars.

But, that’s not all the nostalgia Nickelodeon has scheduled for Comic-Con this year. No way. To add to the celebration of the history of the channel, Nickelodeon plans to host multiple animation panels, including one covering women in the field of animation, and a 90’s reunion panel featuring, get ready for this, both the cast of All That and the cast of Legends of the Hidden Temple.


There was nothing quite like Nickelodeon in the 90’s, and we’re happy to hear that for a few days we’ll get to relive some of the more exciting and memorable moments, and witness the return of a historic show like Double Dare.

Will you be tuning into the live stream from Comic-Con, or will you already be at the convention, hoping to participate and get a little slimey? Let’s talk Nick (Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick)-Nickelodeon in the comments below, or over on Twitter @bekahbabble!

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Image Credits: Nickelodeon/Giphy

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