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New Interactive Cooking Show CHEFSHOCK Debuts On Twitch

Sometimes you want to be able to take time for yourself, cook a lovely meal, and feel accomplished in the end like you’ve just completed the ultimate gaming quest. When you find that kind of time on your hands it’d be nice to be side by side with an interactive chef to guide you through the steps as they happen. Lucky for us, Twitch, the beloved platform for gamers, just got a little tastier.

Roker Media and SXM have introduced the Twitch world to ChefShock, a two-hour show hosted by Justin Warner, the former winner of Food Network Star who also happens to be an avid gamer, making this platform the perfect vehicle for this live collaborative cooking show.

The live-streamed show airs five days a week where Warner shows how to cook a meal from prep through cooking, to presentation. The show is highly interactive and commenters can ask questions throughout the show. Before each episode viewers can check the ChefShock meal schedule to purchase ingredients in advance so they cook along in real time.

Recent meals include Steak Au Poivre, Vegetarian Lasagna, and even Chicken Cordon Bleu. Recipes range in difficulty but the menu runs the gamut and includes some meals that maybe you’ve been wanting to try but were too intimidated to do on your own.


Warner knows a thing or two about interactivity, cooking, and all things fun. Truth be told, just watching the whole thing go down as a viewer is just as entertaining. I tend to have the show running in the background while I work just to see how the episode goes, so that I can go back later to rewatch and cook.

The unscripted nature of the show is what makes it so much fun, as cooking should be. Think of the show as a cooking game walkthrough, the highlights being Warner’s ease of puns and pop culture in every episode, making it feel like you’re cooking along with your geeky best friend.

You can catch ChefShock on Twitch Monday through Friday at 8pm EST / 5pm PST on

Will you be cooking along with Justin Warner on ChefShock? Let us know in the comments and tag @geekandsundry and @justjenn on twitter to show us what you’ve made!

Image: Roker Media

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