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Never Seen Seinfeld? BLASPHEMY! Here’s How You Can Get Your Seinfeld Fix in 4 Hours or Less

Never Seen Seinfeld? BLASPHEMY! Here’s How You Can Get Your Seinfeld Fix in 4 Hours or Less

If you haven’t seen Seinfeld…first of all, what are you waiting for? It’s out on Hulu! Second of all, how much time do you have? This amazing show is made up of almost 200 hilarious episodes, and responsible for giving birth to some of the incredible TV shows we know and love today. But if you really don’t have that much time to watch every single episode…we’ve put together a list that should get you from Pilot to Finale in just about 3-4 hours. Yes…we’re committing blasphemy by skipping so many funny episodes in the process, but this way, you’ll learn the characters, see some of the best in the series, and…hopefully most of all, you’ll want MORE! So take a look at our quick episode guide for your first-time run through Seinfeld. If you’re already familiar with Seinfeld, feel free to check out our list of some of our favorite episodes, and feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section below!

Keep in mind, you’ll be skipping over some juicy relationship developments, subplots, and things along the way, but the goal is for you to get a quick Seinfeld fix from start to finish!

seinfeld pilot

The Pilot, Episode 1

Ok, so this one might be a little bit of a battle, but trust us…you’ll be glad you watched it. The very first episode of Seinfeld was considered a flop, in terms of critic and viewer ratings. However, the show lucked out, and was picked up anyways. What followed was a successful string of well over 100 episodes that led to some of the most hilarious and catchy inside jokes, phrases, and stories that everybody should know. You’ll be glad you watched the first episode, just so you get the formal introduction.

seinfeld chinese restaurant

The Chinese Restaurant, Episode 11

This episode really gives you a sense of the show. It’s a show that makes fun of things that we all have experienced or gone through. It’s essentially Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up personified. You’ll burst out laughing at the painful waiting game the gang experiences at the Chinese restaurant. You’re well underway to becoming a knowledgeable Seinfeld fan!

seinfeld bubble boy

The Bubble Boy, Episode 47

Here’s simply some of the best writing on the show, and a hilarious plot that only gets more ridiculous. This episode is where George Castanza truly shines. You get some great laughs, and each character has a funny subplot, but George’s interaction with the Bubble Boy is sure to get your seams bursting.

seinfeld junior mint

The Junior Mint, Episode 60

This is a great episode. Jerry can’t remember the name of the girl he’s been dating, and nothing seems to help him think of it. The discussion between George and Jerry as they try to guess is funny enough alone to make you laugh out loud. But on top of that, Kramer and Jerry go to a viewing gallery in a hospital to observe a surgery, and Kramer…umm…doesn’t exactly keep track of his snacks.


The Puffy Shirt, Episode 66

Here’s where Jerry is truly going to steal your heart, by making you laugh harder than you have in a long time. But really, the show is Jerry’s brainchild, and you’ll get a sense of who he is and what the show is all about after you see this episode. Jerry wears an ugly shirt and faces the repercussions. Meanwhile, George moves in with his parents and becomes a hand model. Sounds ridiculous? That’s because it is. You starting to see the point of this show? Good, because there is no point, other than to laugh and have fun!

seinfeld soup nazi

The Soup Nazi, Episode 116

Arguably every Seinfeld fan’s favorite episode, this is sure to crack you up. Kick it off with a bang. In this episode, Kramer recommends a great new soup restaurant in town that’s almost as famous for it’s strict chef as it is its soup. Apparently, he’s got a bit of a temper. Well, George decides to go with Jerry, but he doesn’t exactly please the chef. What follows is a hilarious episode that has spawned so many inside-jokes and quotes that you’ll want to get in on, immediately!

seinfeld yada yada

The Yada Yada, Episode 153

Here’s Elaine’s turn to shine. Each character has their individual moments throughout the show’s entire run, but this is Elaine’s episode. You’ll be cracking up at the gang’s interpretation of George’s girlfriend’s use of the words “Yada Yada Yada.” This episode single-handedly made “yada yada yada” a thing in the United States, and a popular phrase and watercooler topic.

seinfeld butter shave

The Butter Shave, Episode 155

Kramer develops an unhealthy addiction to the skin-effects of raw butter…yes. You’ll love it. Trust us. Possibly this writer’s favorite episode, you’ll understand just how crazy and funny Kramer is, and you’ll fall in love with the show even more.


The Finale, Episodes 179 & 180

Your short but hopefully instructional trip through the Seinfeld series is almost done. Now watch the final two episodes of the show. You might be disappointed in the outcome…some fans are…but you can also rest assured that the show went out on a high note instead of dragging on and on for 10+ seasons. Often times, shows make you sit through several mediocre seasons before they finally give you, the audience, the closure you’ve been looking for. Enjoy these episodes. But most importantly, think of all of the episodes you skipped over. There are almost 200 episodes that you still have to see! Hopefully by now, you’ve realized that Seinfeld is one of the greatest shows in American TV culture, and hopefully you’ll want more.

What are your favorite episodes of Seinfeld? Tell us in the comments below!

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