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Never Cross the Mighty Nein… But You CAN Cross-Stitch Them
Critical RoleCritical Role

Never Cross the Mighty Nein… But You CAN Cross-Stitch Them

Critical Role is Geek & Sundry’s live Dungeons & Dragons show, featuring Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and his troupe of fellow voice actors. Catch them every Thursday night at 7:00 PM PT on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel and on Alpha.

Paper. Fabric. Digital screens. Skin. Pancakes. (You read that right.) The Mighty Nein’s unmistakable visages have been creatively captured in a wide range of canvases as fans express their admiration for the adventuring group. One fan, Ashley Rehm, shows her love of Critical Role a little more old school, with a needle and thread in these incredible cross-stitched portraits.


Ashley, a Critical Role fan for about two years, started watching the livestream around the 40th episode. “I’ve been committed ever since,” she says. “I absolutely adore every single one of them!”

Ashley wanted to do something with her hands during the long periods of time she spent watching the stream or a television show, as well as get into a hobby on its own. The freedom of choosing any pattern or design her heart desired drew her to cross-stitching.

The idea for a Mighty Nein cross-stitch project was inspired by her fellow Critters. “I actually joined a Critter Craft Swap on Facebook, and the theme was Campaign 2, so it kind of went hand in hand,” Ashley says. “Now I’m working on getting them onto keychains to hand out to people at Gen Con this year. (I might just do the Critical Role logo for that event, though.)”

A fellow Critter also helped her with the patterns. “A lovely Critter named Vicki made the 8-bit art so I could transfer it to a stitch pattern,” Ashley said.


Each character project can take three to six hours, depending on the number of color changes and working out the pattern if it’s a new one. (Sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a typical Critical Role episode.) Her current project, a Super Mario map, could take Ashley hundreds of hours, she estimates.

Does cross-stitching sound like something you’d like to get into? Ashley has a few tips for beginners. “For someone wanting to get into cross-stitch, I would say to start by finding a pattern that is small, but still fun for you,” she says. “YouTube is a great place to start, there are so many videos out there. Luckily cross-stitching is an extremely easy hobby. It just takes a lot of time.”


If the Mighty Nein is any indication, it’s time well spent.

What crafts do you do to show your love for Critical Role? Tell us in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook!


All Images: Ashley Rehm

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