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Nerd Block Reveals Limited International TableTop Day Edition

Cardboard Christmas comes early this year. Nerd Block along with Geek & Sundry have joined forces to create a Limited Edition International Tabletop Day Box that you can order right now. Filled with items associated with this special occasion as well as some of your favorite G&S shows and talent, this limited edition run of the Nerd Block will help you celebrate Tabletop Day with items you can use to play games (or at least make the wait until April 30th seem a little shorter.)

Ivan Van Norman, our host this year’s International Tabletop Day, recently got his hands on just some of the treasures that await you when you order. You’ll get your first look at the G&S-styled coins, fit for any RPG campaign. The Geek & Sundry deck of cards is perfect for when you’re waiting in line for Hall H this year and need to make some friends. To celebrate Spellslingers, everyone gets a Legacy Collection Magic The Gathering Figure. You’ll think that you just completed an epic quest after discovering so much loot in one box.

With only 3000 boxes to ship out, we stress the limited in limited edition. Now would be a good time to order your Nerd Block Tabletop Day Box. Put your quest on hold, pause that game, or simply click this link while you are here to discover the other items lurking inside the box.

International Tabletop Day may be only a couple of weeks away, but this box will be gone well before then.


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