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More ‘LEGO Ideas’ Pitches to Get Behind

More ‘LEGO Ideas’ Pitches to Get Behind

Whether you build castles, pirate ships, grocery stores, or farm houses; LEGO bricks give people of all ages and from all walks of life the ability to explore their imagination right on their living room floor. You could be a perfectionist who chooses to follow instructions and assemble sets, or maybe you prefer to build with only your creativity to guide you, there are countless journeys at your fingertips with a box of LEGO pieces, a simple fact that has made the LEGO brand such an inspiring toy franchise since the 1930’s.

What a long way LEGO has come since it’s humble beginnings. Fans no longer have to wait and see if their dream set will ever be released, because we now have a little website called LEGO Ideas to pitch products to LEGO professionals with hopes of seeing your set come to life. Here are some of our picks for sets we want to see in the future.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


As we fly into season four of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a LEGO set like this one pitched by Savath-Bunny would be a great motivator for the show’s own LEGO video game, as well. Some of fans’ favorite characters made an appearance in the Marvel’s Avengers LEGO game, so why not a whole set and game just for S.H.I.E.L.D? Only time will tell.

Inside Out


2015’s Inside Out was an instant hit with kids everywhere, but also with the adults who watched the film with them and related to the not-so-subtle nuances regarding the hardships of growing up. LEGO Ideas user, Okay, suggests reliving the story with the film’s characters we all know and love in LEGO form, and wouldn’t you agree?

The Adventures of Tintin


There’s nothing quite as nostalgic and exciting as combining two childhood favorites, and an Adventures of Tintin LEGO set would just the ticket to adventure we’ve been yearning for. LEGO Ideas user Concore agrees, and is looking for your support.

The Office


If the theme song hasn’t been playing on a loop in your head for the past decade, you should probably do a re-watch on Netflix pronto, because The Office continues to be a household favorite for many families, and a LEGO set featuring characters like Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, and Pam Beesley would be so appreciated to those who do sing the tune day in and day out.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


The kids in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory may not have known that the prize they were so desperate for was the entire factory itself, but with a LEGO set based off of the film, you could have just that. This particular set pitched by Brickproject_7540 shows us a few characters from the 2005 film, but maybe a set like this would inspire a more vintage version featuring the late, great Gene Wilder?

Are you a longtime LEGO enthusiast looking to share your own set ideas with not only other fans, but the people who could actually make your dreams reality? Join LEGO Ideas and pitch away. Share your best LEGO ideas with us in the comments below, or send me your LEGO Ideas link on Twitter @bekahbabble!

Image Credits: LEGO Ideas

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