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More Amazing Cosplay from Dragon Con

More Amazing Cosplay from Dragon Con

One of the best things about Dragon Con is all of the fantastic cosplay. As one of the largest conventions for cosplayers, viewing the spectacular outfits and designs is one of the primary benefits and excitements of attending the con.

Fans stop the cosplayers in the walkways, hotels, and on the street to admire and grab photos of their favorite costumes. At night, the hotels become a gathering place for cosplay-viewing as many flock there to simply sit and view. The mass number of cosplayers at Dragon Con keeps fans and guests alike entertained while waiting in lines or simply taking a moment to grab lunch amongst the crowds. From beginners to professionals, Dragon Con is a place where the art and craft are celebrated and appreciated.

As I walked around Atlanta for four days, I took pictures of everything complex, clever or just plain fascinating. Below are a few of my favorites, followed by a gallery of interesting cosplay seen at the convention.


Bender from Futurama was in a super crowded elevator on Friday night. He seemed pretty desperate to get out of there. This craziness probably reminded him of New New York and it’s diverse population. I think an entire “Cosplayers on Elevators” series may be in our future.



These pesky kids did a beautiful hybrid cosplay of the Scooby gang and superheroes. I was especially digging Velma’s Superwoman mix, although they pretty much all looked fantastic. The fact that they were so obviously identifiable despite drastic changes to the traditional Scooby-Doo costumes is certainly an indicator of their talent.



Who doesn’t love a good timely and relevant pop-culture cosplay? While this might not be a classic choice, I think we can all agree that 2015 is the year of the left shark. So glad Katy Perry and her shark pal made it to Dragon Con this year because I don’t think anyone will remember this in 2016.



This girl had possibly one of my favorite cosplays of the convention with the help of Netherworld Haunted House. I have no idea what it is but it was one of the only to legitimately terrify me. But I have so many questions. Why is she cuddling this zombie(?) like a baby? Why hasn’t she been turned into a zombie? Is this referencing something I’m unaware of? I assume so but really I just wanted it to stop looking at me.

Check out this gallery of some more interesting cosplay below. And please, let us know in the comments if you can identify anything we were unable to name!

Images by Heather Mason (All cosplay by other awesome people)

Feature Image Credit: Lawrence Green


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