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Watch Our Five New #OpenBeta Shows, All In One Spot
Game EngineGame Engine

Watch Our Five New #OpenBeta Shows, All In One Spot

Last week, Geek & Sundry hosted a veritable menagerie of new shows during Open Beta. If you didn’t get a chance to catch them live, we’re now bringing you the chance to watch the shows here! Take a gander at all the fun, new things we were testing out. Once you give each show a watch, let us know how much you liked it by taking the surveys below.

The Scavenger

A first-person virtual scavenger hunt you can help guide from the comfort of your own couch! Our host, Anthony Gioe, tries to solve a series of scavenger hunt puzzles set up around the G&S Twitch Studio. But there’s a SHOCKING TWIST: The Twitch chat room tells the host what to do – and he has to do it! It’s a group effort, where everyone comes together to solve puzzles and maybe occasionally make someone look ridiculous.

Tell us what you thought about The Scavenger here!

Otak-ing Heads

Accomplished voice actor Todd Haberkorn hosts a roundtable chat with other giants in the world of Anime. This week, we talk to our voice actor guests about their experiences bringing anime to English speaking audiences. This week’s guests are Cherami Leigh (Voice Actor), (Voice Actor, Director), Matt Mercer (Voice Actor, GM of Critical Role).

Let us know how you liked Otak-ing Heads here!

Gastro Geek

Playing with your food has never looked like this. Join our host, Erika Ishii, as two players face off in a head to head culinary battle to craft a food sculpture based on a theme chosen by our live audience. Judges Jenn Fujikawa and Hector Navarro will be assisted by the magical evil geniuses in the chat room.

What did you think about Gastro Geek? Let us know here!

Game Engine

In Game Engine, Erika Ishii and Katie Wilson bring you to the spot where gaming and technology intersect, with killer analysis of the state of games and interviews with luminaries in the industry about tomorrow’s trends. Whether it’s video gaming, tabletop gaming, or breakthroughs in VR and fancy tech, we’ll keep you covered!

How did you like Game Engine? Let us know here!

Max Hit Points

Join Blair Herter and Andrew Deutch of Nerdstrong Gym, our leaders on an epic quest to achieve maximum physical fitness and vanquish the forces keeping us tied to our sofas. Get ready to boost your stats, folks.

Did you feel the burn? Let us know how much you liked this show here.


How’d you like Open Beta? Want more? Let us know in the comments below!

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