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Mines N Crafts Extra: Armor Up Your Bear!

Do you have an 8 foot bear in your living room?  Then you’re in luck, ‘cus on Mines N Crafts, we are building armor for Trinket the Bear, an essential character in Critical Role. Jessica Marzipan, Evil Ted Smith, and I will teach you how to build armor for yourself, as well as your stuffed loved ones, as we go through a tutorial of how to fabricate foam into a sturdy, protective, magnificent helmet.

The finest foam fabricator in the land, Evil Ted Smith, led Jess and me in the creation of this helmet of yore.  He has a long list of credits as a special effects fabricator in film and TV, including Xena: Warrior Princess, The Fifth Element, Star Trek Into Darkness, & Terminator Genisys.   A worthy craftsman for our task!

In order to make the finest head gear in the land, we used L-200 foam given to us by our lovely chatroom. It’s super smooth on both sides and is stronger, denser, and and more tear-resistant and flexible than other foams. For a more budget-friendly foam, you can use EVA foam floor mats. Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to create a foam helmet for your bear!

For further help, visit the first part of Evil Ted Smith’s tutorial on making a foam helmet, including links on where to buy supplies HERE.

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Tune in to MinesNCrafts on the Geek & Sundry Twitch Channel every Tuesday from 4pm to 7pm PST to see us make more fun crafts while playing Minecraft! On today’s episode, we will be showing how to seal the foam, along with painting and weathering techniques to finish the piece.

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