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Mines N Crafts Slays the Ender Dragon Craft
Mines N Crafts

Mines N Crafts Slays the Ender Dragon Craft

This week on Mines N Crafts, hosts Stef Woodburn, Gina DeVivo, and Amy Dallen got to work finishing an Ender Dragon that they had previously started crafting. Once complete, the black dragon’s head will forever take its place on the swanky new Mines N Crafts set.

Here is the how-to to follow along at home and add a dragon to the walls of your own lair.

What You Need

  • Wooden plaque for mounting
  • Large square cardboard box (check that it will fit on the plaque)
  • Two long, medium size cardboard boxes for the mouth
  • Two tiny cardboard boxes
  • Roll of black paper
  • Purple and pink paper
  • Light blue paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Tape
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler

Get Started!

Begin by assembling the large square box for the head and gluing the edges to keep it together.

Next, make one long medium box for the top block of the dragon’s mouth.

Create a trapezoid shape for the bottom part of the mouth so that it is attached at an angle. Don’t worry if you don’t get the edges lined up and glued exactly, said Gina. “It’s going to get covered with paper.”

Mines N Crafts

Wrap the three boxes in black paper.

Next, make the two tiny boxes that will serve as the dragon’s nostrils. Gina simply folded cardboard into a C-shape with an open side since the box would also be wrapped. “You could make another [side], but you don’t need it since we’re covering it in paper,” she said. Wrap the two tiny boxes in black paper.

Use a craft knife to cut the wrapping paper where the two boxes for the mouth will attach. “We need the structural integrity,” Gina said. “We don’t want the paper to be glued to itself. It’ll be too heavy and eventually will rip.”

Hot glue the angled bottom box to the large square box to create the mouth.

Repeat with the other box to create the top of the mouth.

Mines N Crafts

Next, glue the nostrils on top of the mouth.

Cut an L shape in the purple paper to make the bottom layer of one eye, and use it as a template to make another for the other eye. These will be the dragon’s pupils. (Use one inch squares as a guide.)

Mines N Crafts

Cut a slightly larger L in the pink paper that will line up exactly on the top and bottom with the purple L shape. Glue the pink paper on the dragon’s face, then purple L on top.

For the horn, Gina said, “I’m making a rectangle that tapers on one side.” (Or a trapezoid, argued Amy.) Use that tapered rectangle as a template on the light blue paper until you have eight shapes.

Hot glue the lengthwise edges of four light blue trapezoids to make one horn, and repeat for the other horn. Trim the end to line up the edges as needed. Use the end of the horn as a template and trace a square on the light blue paper, cut it out, and glue it to the top of the horn. Repeat on the other horn.

Glue the horns on top of the dragon’s head.

Finally, use the pink paper to make the dragon’s tongue. Cut a large triangle, and then fold it in half. The Fold and glue the edges down underneath, and glue it inside the dragon’s mouth.

Mines N Crafts

The dragon is almost complete!

Catch Gina, Stef, and Amy on Mines N Crafts every Wednesday at 4PM Pacific on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel, and become a subscriber to hop on the sub-only Minecraft server. 

All Images: Geek & Sundry

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