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Meet the 2015 Geekie Award Nominees for Toys and Craft

Meet the 2015 Geekie Award Nominees for Toys and Craft

The 2015 Geekie Awards are almost here, and this year’s ceremony features a new category: Toys and Craft. This awesome new category features all sorts of amazing artists who create amazing things may not have fallen into the other categories. It’s pretty wide-reaching, but it captures the skills of some crazy talented geeks doing some spectacularly creative things with their love of fandom and geekery. Here are the five nominees for 2015:


wax nostalgic

Run by artist Hoang Tran, Wax Nostalgia is a unique taking on your typical carving. Instead of using wood, marble, or rock, Hoang uses crayons for his carvings. The inspiration for his carvings come from all over geek and pop culture, be it movies, television, animation, comic books, or games. Hoang is able to make such small, precise carvings by using dental tools and nothing more than a strong light and his own two eyes. For those pieces that have more than one color, Hoang melts a crayon with the color he needs and carefully applies the color to the original sculpture. If you’re as blown away by this as I am, be sure to follow Hoang on Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook.




Ant Roman is the cake decorating genius behind Nerdache Cakes. Starting with a few geek-themed cookies and cupcakes in her spare time, Ant soon took the baking world by storm with features on The Today Show and Seventeen Magazine, and having her delicious treats shared with companies like Marvel and IGN. At 22, she’s on the brink of opening her own bakery, and she’s even launching her own subscription box, the Nerdache Box. To check out Ant’s work (and maybe buy yourself a tasty treat–they ship cookies and cake toppers), visit the Nerdache Cakes website, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.



the game tavern

The Game Tavern is a tabletop gamer’s dream. An expertly crafted gaming area, filled with wrought iron accents, original artwork from the Dungeons & Dragons handbook, secret doors, and 50 year-old brandy barrels, there is no better place in the world you could ever hope to have your next game night. After six months of hard work, the Game Tavern became a reality… and the biggest source of envy for tabletop gamers the world over. To learn more about the Game Tavern, check out their blog and Twitter.





Ginny Penny messy little robots are adorable, hand-crafted robots made from wool and felt, and feature a great deal of hand-stitching. Born out of a nursery project when the Ginny Penny creator, Susie Lee, was pregnant, Susie soon moved beyond decorating her child’s nursery, and started making messy robots for paying customers. Because the robots are hand-made, each robot has a bit of its own personality, and Susie is always more than happy to take on a custom messy robot request. If you want to snag your own messy robot, head over to the Ginny Penny website, and follow them on their blogTwitter, and Instagram,



tentacle kitty

Most of us have heard of Tentacle Kitty by now. Born out of boredom as creator John Merritt waited for his fiancee to get off work, it’s one of the most weirdly adorable characters was created. After the amazing drawing began to make its rounds, demand became huge for an actual plush Tentacle Kitty–a request to which John happily acquiesced. The first edition plushes sold out crazy quickly, so with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, you can now buy one of five different colored Tentacle Kitties. They’ve even done convention-exclusive designs for events like Emerald City Comic Con and Dragon Con. You can learn more about Tentacle Kitty on their website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And remember, never judge a kitty by its tentacles.

What do you think of this new category and the nominees? Let me know your thoughts and who your initial faves are in the comments, and be sure to see who wins by attending the award show or watching the Geekie Awards livestream on October 15!

Image credit: Wax Nostalgic/, Wax Nostalgic/, Nerdache Cakes/, The Game Tavern/, Ginny Penny/TheGeekie, Tentacle Kitty/


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