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Meet Overwatch’s New Support Character — Ana Amari

Meet Overwatch’s New Support Character — Ana Amari

A blueprint was what first teased her existence. Earlier this month, Blizzard shared a schematic for a sniper rifle, with a bit of dialog concerning the potential of its “biotic” properties. Could it be used by medics to heal the wounded? Or did it have scary offensive power? And whom exactly did it belong to?

Overwatch rifle

After allowing a stretch of speculation, Blizzard finally ID’ed this cutting-edge gadget. It belongs to Ana Amari, the latest character available for trigger-happy Overwatch players. She’s a sharpshootin’ senior from Egypt, finally returning to battle after a single moment of hesitation left her mutilated and bed-ridden. Oh, and she just happens to be the Mom of this super-team’s one-woman-jetfighter, Pharah.

Stream her animated Origin to get a true feel for the mother/daughter bond these two warriors share.

Now, narrative clips are great to set the context–but how’s Ana gonna work in a match? Blizzard’s released a gameplay video to complete the picture already. In it, we see that the speculations of the blueprint actually do have some bearing on Ana’s combat style. Her long-range scope lets her grant life and deal death with equal accuracy from afar, firing “Biotic Rounds” and lobbing “Biotic Grenades.” In her Support role, she can amp allies with a “Nano Boost” delivered via hypodermic projectiles. And if she’d rather sedate enemies, Ana can give ’em an early nap time with a “Sleep Dart.”

Watch all her lovely toys at play in the clip. 

Much more detail regarding Ms. Amari’s battle stats and backstory is available on her official profile, but for your immediate pleasure, here are more shots of her aiming, shooting, and posing during matches.

Is Ana a worthy addition to the Overwatch roster? Or would you have preferred new characters in the Offense, Defense, or Tank roles? Fill the talkback with your thoughts. 

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard


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