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MCU Fan Theories That Could Totally Be 100 Percent True, Maybe

MCU Fan Theories That Could Totally Be 100 Percent True, Maybe

As we say goodbye to Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and jump into Phase Three with Captain America Civil War, there are plenty of theories running rampant on the Internet ranging from Stan Lee’s cameos to the real reason the Avengers and the X-Men will never be in a film together. Whether they are true or not, fan speculation and theories are pretty fun to consider. Below check out a round-up of a few theories that got us thinking.

The next Infinity Stone will be revealed in Doctor Strange


As we move towards Avengers: Infinity War Part I, which is scheduled to be released in May 2018, the anticipation increases as we wait to see if all of the infinity stones all make an appearance. Over on Reddit, there’s a complex theory relating to which stones have been revealed thus far and when the next will be revealed. Doctor Strange will be in theaters November 2016, and the theory states that’s when the next infinity stone will pop up. The theory suggests that Doctor Strange’s necklace will be the source of the next stone–the time stone, which has the ability to suspend time as one of its many powers.

Stan Lee is actually The Watcher (or just a man that has his life ruined by superheroes constantly)


Stan Lee being The Watcher (a character he created with Jack Kirby) has been a popular fan theory for a while and there are plenty of reasons to suspect it. Since Stan Lee appears in all MCU properties in some way, it’s possible he’s the human form of The Watcher. This would explain why he’s always around the superhero activity. Another popular theory on Reddit is that he’s just a dude whose life has actually been ruined by superheroes constantly. There’s even a video to explain each cameo:

Hydra is the reason there are no X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Okay, so at this point we all know that film rights for the X-Men franchise belong to Fox and the Avengers belong to Marvel (basically Disney). While that may be the only explanation needed to understand why they don’t appear in films together, a theory has surfaced on Reddit that also seems totally plausible. It goes like this: the rise of Hydra in the MCU prevented Hitler from coming to power, thus altering the course of history and preventing Magneto from getting his powers and forming the X-Men. Totally makes sense! But every since Sony Pictures and Marvel started striking deals regarding Spider-Man, I’m really hoping for an X-Men/Avengers film in the near future. Anyone else?

The Avengers Chitauri invasion was really a diversion


When the Chitauri invaded New York City at the end of The Avengers, it set in motion the ultimate bonding of the team and helped them learn how they could work together. But was there another reason for the invasion? Over on Reddit, there’s a theory speculating that logically it makes no sense for the Chitauri to try to take over the Earth simply by trying to overtake the Avengers at this one city. Instead, what if that was merely a distraction while other members of the Chitauri infiltrate the planet posing as humans in order to start manipulating Earth in a more stealthy way? To me, this makes total sense and is even more terrifying than their original invasion. Now, did Marvel actually do this? Who knows.

Nick Fury has a superpower of his own that he keeps secret


Nick Fury first shows up in the MCU in Iron Man 2 as an old friend of Howard Stark sent to give Tony some much-needed guidance. From the very instant he appears on the scene, he seems to have an almost unbelievable level of wisdom. But one Reddit user thinks this may be a sign of Nick Fury’s hidden talent–clairvoyance. How does Nick Fury know that danger is headed towards the Avengers base? How is he so prepared for the future? He knows what’s going to happen. But he also knows how people with powers are treated in this world. So instead of letting everyone know, he keeps it a secret from S.H.I.E.L.D. I’d never thought of this but it’s not a totally insane theory.
What are your favorite MCU theories? Let’s discuss in the comments!

All Image Credits: Marvel

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