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Matt Mercer Talks Critical Role’s Impact on Dungeons & Dragons

Todd Kenreck of the YouTube channel Dungeon Life recently sat down with Critical Role Dungeon Master Matt Mercer to talk all things Dungeons & Dragons.

In a series of interviews, Matt talks about a range of topics including advice for Dungeons & Dragons players, tips for DMs, and his personal history and career. Did you know some of the characters Matt has portrayed over the years are infused with personalities from NPCs he has played in his D&D games?

“As a voice actor, Dungeons & Dragons and role-playing games have allowed a perpetual space for me as a Dungeon Master to… refine and hone these voices,” Matt reveals in one video.

But perhaps the most compelling interview focuses on the impact Critical Role has had on the role-playing game.

Todd Kenreck

In the introduction, Kenreck expresses his happiness that Critical Role is giving Dungeons & Dragons the attention and adoration it deserves. “We’re getting this moment where popular culture is shining a spotlight on our favorite game,” he says, “and it shows what a positive, constructive shared artistic experience this game really is.”

Visit Dungeon Life’s channel for the complete interview series, which also includes unique advice on something Matt Mercer is an expert in: Making the most of Twitch for your own Dungeons & Dragons livestream.

Catch Critical Role every Thursday night at 7:00 PM Pacific time on Twitch.

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All Images: Dungeon Life

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